Never Share Your Mango Roll

May 29, 2009 at 12:20 pm | Posted in Denver Area Restaurants | Leave a comment
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PICT0034First of all, take a look at that picture and that big beautiful high altitude blue sky we have in Colorado.  Breathtaking. 


When I pull into the parking lot of my favorite restaurant John Holly’s Asian Bistro in Lone Tree, my pulse quickens, my breathing becomes shallow…..  Why? The Mango Roll.    My friend Cauleen agrees.  I had been to John Holly’s and had ordered other things off the menu, Shrimp and Scallops, Seafood Dynamite, all delicious.  But it was Cauleen who asked if I had ever tried the Mango Roll off the Sushi menu.  

John Holly’s Mango Roll:  Shrimp tempura (breaded shrimp), crab meat, Japanese squash covered with thin slices of mango and avocado.

Cauleen and I have different rituals for eating the John Holly’s Mango Roll.  Cauleen carefully places a slice of the Mango Roll in a shallow bowl to soak in a small amount of Soy Sauce.  I, on the other hand lay my slice flat on my plate, brush with a small amount of wasabi, top with a slice of ginger and pop it in my mouth and savor the unbelievable combinations of flavor.  I think it may just be the perfect food.  

I have a quick story to tell about the Mango Roll. 

On my birthday, my son and daughter in law asked where I wanted to go for lunch.  Of course, John Holly’s was my choice.   I foolishly ordered my Mango Roll at the same time as others were ordering appetizers  My Mango Roll arrived with the rest of the appetizers and placed in the middle of the table with the common appetizers for everyone to share.  I sat in horror watching others helping themselves to my birthday Mango Roll.  I found myself inching the Mango Roll plate closer to my side of the table.  I found myself eating faster so I would get more slices of the Mango Roll than anyone else,. I even tried distracting everyone by raving about other food on the table…..Lesson learned, never, ever, put yourself in a situation where you may have to share your Mango Roll.  🙂

John Holly Mango Roll

John Holly Mango Roll

I have even used the word Mango in the subtitle of my blog, in honor of the John Holly Mango Roll.  If you’re ever in Lone Tree, stop by John Holly’s, grab a seat at the Sushi Bar and have a Mango Roll.  Cauleen and I did just that this past Wednesday.


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