Sahara Restaurant

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003About 7 of us met for lunch today and when this group gets together, Sahara is “our place”, a  long-standing tradition. The group is tied by one common denominator; place of employment. Current employees, past employees, relatives of employees…the only way we’d ever know each other is because of corporate America.

Sahara Restaurant is a casual spot offering Middle Eastern specialties from Lebanon and Morocco and is located in a strip mall just east of Arapahoe Road and I-25 in Centennial.


Another tradition with this group seems to be some sort of odd rule. You’re supposed to order the Spicy Chicken.

SPICY CHICKEN is grilled sliced chicken marinated with a special Harissa sauce, served with saffron rice and grilled vegetables.

I’m a fairly new invitee to the Sahara Lunch Clique so last visit  followed ritual and ordered Spicy Chicken. It was good, very special flavors, liked it, but didn’t fall in love. So today, I decided to try something different. I ordered the Combination Brochette. When the words came out of my mouth, Bob queried “You’re not getting Spicy Chicken???????”   Rooster calls entertaining the place abruptly fell silent from David’s I-Phone.  Brenda looked down at her menu in order to remove herself from the “situation”.  Confident Robin didn’t blink an eye. Mark, the vacationing relative, was oblivious to the situation. However, I did notice he ordered the Spicy Chicken. Brenda must have warned him in advance.  I think they even make poor Tommy Tucker order Spicy Chicken.  Tommy is a an occasional invitee and owns a graphic imaging shop. He calls on Bob for business.  He probably feels like he has to order spicy chicken so he doesn’t lose the account.  hmm…Tommy wasn’t there today, I wonder if he didn’t order Spicy Chicken last time…….I wonder if Bob has switched graphic imaging vendors???

At any rate, my saving grace was Josh, Robin’s 9 year old, who ordered Onion Rings.  High-five to Josh and kids everywhere who strive to eradicate peer pressure in our lifetime.

Spicy Chicken

Spicy Chicken


The Kabob

The Kabob

BROCHETTE COMBINATION is a combination of beef kabob, chicken kabob and gyros. Served over a bed of saffron rice.

I was very pleased with my lunch. The beef was very tender with mildly melt in your mouth flavor. Next visit I’ll probably try the Shawarma (that is IF I’m invited back). Upon closer study of the menu, it sounds very interesting.  The Mustard Chicken also sounded intriguing.

Sahara is reasonably priced and the atmosphere is festive.  The menu is packed with a good variety of interesting sounding selections, however, we don’t know much about any of them since everyone always orders Spicy Chicken.   Sahara was busy and hosted a good lunch crowd, and after 15 years in business that speaks highly of their reputation.

Inside at Sahara

Inside at Sahara

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  1. Sounds like a great place. I haven’t had Middle Eastern food in ages.

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