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022I’ve been wanting to go for Pho for years. I just haven’t because I didn’t know what to order, how to eat it or even how to act once I got there.  This past Friday, Deborah and I went for Pho.

A couple of months ago I walked into our office and Deborah was there and had brought Robert Pho for lunch.  Robert is one of the owner’s of our company and Deborah is his girlfriend.

I asked Deborah to take me for Pho.  I explained to her my PHO-bia.  I am most certainly glad she agreed to go with me.  Looking at the menu I was clueless.  Oh, I suppose I could have Googled “How the heck do you order and eat Pho”, but it was way more fun to have Deborah go with me as my mentor.  We had a great time with some great food.

Here’s what I learned from Deborah

  1. You can choke while eating live octopus because they can crawl back up your throat with their suction cups and suffocate you because you can’t swallow them because they’re stuck to your throat
  2. How to correctly pronounce Pho (which makes the title of this blog post wrong – it’s not a long O)
  3. Pho broth is made from Oxtails
  4. How to get those slippery Pho noodles to stay on that  little spoon
  5. How to order, how to act and how to eat Pho

We ended up at Pho Saigon on Arapahoe Road, just east of I-25.  The place is packed for lunch!  There are several selections of Pho dishes.  She recommended we order the rare beef.


A beautiful plate of bean sprouts topped with fresh Thai basil and cilantro, lime wedges and sliced chili’s  is delivered to the table. 


 Next is a steaming bowl of noodles and beef steeping in a very delicious broth.  Already at the table are bottles of  Hoisin sauce, sriracha hot sauce then some unlabeled really scary hot sauce that Deborah warned me not to use. 

In a small bowl, we mixed together the sriracha hot sauce and Hoisin Sauce.    Take some of the fresh herb leaves and tear them into small pieces and drop into the soup.  With chopsticks in one hand and spoon in the other,  dip spoon into the sauce mixture, spoon up a little of the broth and meat, pile on some bean sprouts, then some noodles and slurp it down. 





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  1. This looks delicious . . . I love food like this. How lucky to have an insider to help decipher things!

  2. Hey this looks familiar! I had a great time and so did my belly lol. I had pho yesterday too. Let’s just say I’m a regular. Yum yum yum. I can’t get enough. I had a blast with you. Next time, I’ll have to take you back to my roots and show you Korean BBQ! My Favorite!

    • Deborah, I most certainly am going to take you up on that!

  3. I’m stil trying to convince the Vietnamese lady that I work with to come to my house and cook with me. And this kind of food is exactly why I’m not gonna let up until she caves 😀

    • I’d work that one real hard Karen! Man is that stuff is delicious. Gimme her name and work extension and I’ll nag her too! HA

  4. I havene’t heard of this before but it certainly looks very delicious!

    • Kathryn, it is very very good. Southern Vietnamese cooking.

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