White Bean Chili Smackdown

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Can I see a show of hands of how many of you watch “Giada At Home” on Food Network??? … Ok, good…a few.  For those of you who don’t, the show features Giada creating perfect meals for her perfect husband and perfect friends,  served on perfect plates, in her perfect ocean view kitchen, in her perfect house that sits on the perfect California beach…oh, and while perfectly dressed.   

Well, just be forewarned that the next time you tune it, don’t be surprised if you see our very own Buffalo Dick cooking in that perfect kitchen instead of Giada.  I’m just sayin…It could happen!  You’ve got to admit, it does have a ring to it “Buffalo Dick at Home”  And Buff, I hope you put your foot down if the producers try to make you show cleavage. 

Well it appears that we have a White Bean Chili Smackdown.  

This is what makes food blogging so fun, a little bit of friendly competition.  So in my best Michael Buffer voice: Are you ready to RUMBLE???

A couple of weeks ago I unwittingly posted a White Bean Chili recipe that I watched Giada make on her “Giada at Home” Food Network program.  Delicious, so I quickly blogged, and confidently exclaimed that it was the best White Bean Chili EVER.   You can review that post by clicking HERE.

Soon after the post, I  received an email from Buffalo Dick over at “Opinions and Rectums, We All Have One”   saying that he had an Award Winning White Bean Chili recipe.  How could I resist a comparison.   You can view his blog HERE I begged him for the recipe, gained his permission to blog about it and here’s my opinion (see he’s right, we all have one) about his Chili.  This just might be the best White Bean Chili recipe EVER!  Folks, my husband and I had a FIT over this recipe, right there at the dining room table – a FIT.  After Thanksgiving, I highly recommend you give this a try. 

Move over Giada, here we go:

Gather ingredients.

These cumin seeds smelled sooooo good while toasting.  We’ll add about 2 Tablespoons of  these towards the end.  After lightly toasting, Buff said to grind them, but in my excitement I forgot to do that. 

Beautiful bell peppers.

Chop and brown chicken breasts and Italian Sausage separately.  Remove to a plate.

Finely chop jalapeno (seeds and veins removed), sweet onion and bell peppers.  I sautéed these in the same pan that I browned the meats.  Deglaze the pan first with a bit of chicken broth to scrape up all those delicious browned meat bits sticking to the bottom.  Buff said that you can also add some chopped celery.  Didn’t have any, so didn’t.

I used fresh frozen Colorado sweet corn that I froze in September.  It’s so delicious.

Return meat and add remaining ingredients (except Alfredo Sauce, Jalapeno Pepper and cumin seed) to the Dutch oven and let simmer for about 30 minutes.

About 5 minutes before serving add the toasted cumin seeds, Garlic Alfredo Sauce and the Jalapeno Salsa.  This is where I became scared…very scared.  I have never used Jalapeno Salsa before and wanted to make sure I didn’t add too much heat.  This really ended up to be a great flavor addition to this Chili.  I probably used 1/2 of the can.

Voila!  Delicious.  I love the flavor that the sliced black olives added to this soup.  And of course that cheese!  Yum.

Here’s Buff’s unabridged recipe:
1. 3 Lbs. boneless skinless chicken breasts, seasoned with light salt and white pepper, cooked and cubed
2. 2 15oz. cans of low sodium chicken broth
3. 1 lb. of sweet Italian sausage, crumbled and browned.
4. 1 yellow, 1 green bell pepper chopped
5. 6-7 Jalapeno peppers , seeded and chopped finely
6. 1 jar of Great Northern white beans- around 30 oz, rinsed and drained
7. 1 large onion, chopped
8. 2 teaspoons of white pepper, 1 teaspoon crushed garlic, 2 teaspoons of Mexican Oregano
9. 1 15oz can of sweet corn- crisp, and drained
Simmer all ingredients until veggies are soft, but not mushy
Add 1 to 1-1/2 jars of garlic Alfredo sauce , stir in slowly until incorporated into liquid
Add ground hot Jalapeno salsa (La Victoria) to taste
Garnish when served in bowls with grated Parmesan and Romano cheese, and sliced black olives.

So Buff, thanks for the inspiration to try another White Bean Chili Recipe.  Can’t wait to serve it to friends and family, my popularity will sky-rocket!  I’m sending you the “My Year On The Grill Inspirational I Can Cook  That  Award”



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  1. And no one deserves it more… I am also in awe of all his chili posts

  2. 😉 love to see those cats floating around the internet

    • I love those cats and that award. Thanks for stopping by

  3. I had a white bean chili in St Louis for the first time and was in love! I think I also could eat a few bowls of this, because I love anything soupy!

    • Give it a try Elizabeth, it’s yummy. Thanks for stopping by

  4. Okay, I’ve never even heard of garlic alfredo sauce in a jar – much less thought of putting it in chili! Having said that, I’ll bet this is really good. I love unexpected flavors that work together. I plan to do try this! Thanks BD and thanks LA for sending it my way!

    • It’s in the spaghetti sauce/pasta section. I was surprised to see several different brands of it. Thanks for stopping by

  5. You did the recipe proud! Next time to preserve white color, use green Jalapeno salsa… Thanks for the compliments and the award! Please take no offense, but I don’t post awards (probably have received 10-12!) It’s my odd way of encouraging new bloggers, who should get them to boost their confidence in posting! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • That’s the only Jalapeno Salsa that Safeway had in stock. I’ll keep looking. Not taking offense at all about the award, I actually didn’t think you’d post it. Again, thanks for that recipe.

  6. I love the name of Buffalo’s website. Ms. Goofy watches Giada. All the camera angles and shots are pretty polished. How tall is Giada? She is very pretty.Soft core food porn, Yeah! think a smackdown is a great idea.

    • Thanks for stopping by Chilibrown. I really don’t know much about Giada except that her father was a director and her mother an actress in Italy. Hard to say how tall she is. I suppose we could google “How tall is Giada” 🙂

      • She’s about as big as a minute. I’ve seen her on other shows and she’s really short and I think she wears heals.

      • That’s what I figured. She looks like a tiny person. Thanks for stopping by Carol.

  7. I just made a white chili chicken! I’m posting it next week.

    • Oh good! Can’t wait to read about it. I’m lovin White Chili right now. Thanks for stopping by

  8. Still laughing over the BD cleavage comment you slid in there. That’s hilarious.

    • Well good, I didn’t think anyone noticed. I actually LOL’d when I typed it. Thanks for stopping by Chris

  9. Love the smackdown!
    Great post, I would never have thought to put alfredo in a chili – you guys are genius.

    • Thanks for stopping by Natashya!

  10. What a perfect chili! Your photos are wonerfully instructive. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

    • Happy Thanksgiving to you and thanks for stopping by!

  11. I vote for Buffalo Dick to have his own Food Network TV show! Fabulous chili recipe. I am saving this one.

    • Me too! And we could be his perfect friends that he serves. Do save this recipe, it’s a good one.

  12. I consider BD a cooking genious:) Your white chili of his looks fantastic.

    • I’m a BD fan too. He’s pretty no nonsense!

  13. ooh, this looks so good! I’ve made white chili before, but LOVE the addition of Alfredo!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Thank you for all the comments while I was on vacation 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Olga. You’ve got to try this chili – mmmmm

  14. Thanks for this recipe! I am a huge chili fan and maker. Definitely try this one.

    • This is a great recipe! Thanks for stopping by my blog

  15. OMG Lea Ann, that looks so yummy. I wish I had a bigger freezer so I could freeze fresh corn at the end of the summer too… maybe next year.

    Nice Blog!

  16. Wow this looks so creamy and delicious! I’ve never had white bean in chili before, sounds great!

    • Yay, a new visitor to my blog. Thanks for stopping by!

  17. […] sharing with me my new favorite soup recipe. His award-winning White Chili.  I blogged about it HERE.. and it is absolutely […]

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