Limoncello and Rivalry

December 20, 2009 at 6:46 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 45 Comments

Look at these beautiful little frosty bottles of Limoncello. I wrote about making this homemade brew back in September and you can review the project by clicking HERE.  This concoction has been  mysteriously steeping for three months in a dark corner of the basement.   Every so often I’d swirl the gallon cauldron and watch the lemon flavor ooze out of the lemon peels and into the vodka.  I must admit,  the suspense got the best of me and I did sneak a little taste the first week of December.  Delicious.   Finally the day arrived and it was ready for bottling and I simply strained the liquid through some cheesecloth, tossed out all of the lemon peel and then transferred the liqueur to these little bottles.   I’m so tickled with myself that I’ll be starting another batch right after Christmas.  I think I had enough for about 8 small gifts. (plus a mason jar size for us)

Now, I have a little bit of unpleasant business I am obligated to take care of.  

Raiders we’re going to spank you until your noses bleed!  I usually don’t talk like that,  it’s actually a quote directly out of Paula Deen’s mouth on yesterday’s Iron Chef  Holiday Dessert Challenge.  She yelled that out as she was cutting into a big slab of Velveeta cheese.   Of course she didn’t reference the Raiders, just change that word out with Robert Irvine.  And by the way, who else but Paula Deen can create a Holiday Dessert using a big slab of Velveeta.

 Is there anything worse than a Raider’s fan? 

I think they’re even scarier than Al Davis.  I follow a blogger out in California Mad Meat Genius.   One day I noticed an Oakland Raider’s coffee mug sitting smugly in one of his food photos….typical behavior (insert rolling eyes smiley face  icon here)  Being the tried and true Bronco’s fan that I am, couldn’t let the incident go unnoticed so made an innocent comment and now it’s turned into this.  Mad Meat Genius even had the gall to use John Elway’s name in vain in one of his comments on my blog.  I think it was my Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice Cookie recipe.   Everyone knows that when John Elway’s name is mentioned here in Broncos Country that the Heavens part and Angels sing.

Well, those pesky Raider’s are coming to town today and it seems a friendly wager has been placed between myself and Mad Meat Genius.  We’ve agreed to post something we think the opposing team fans would like.  I’m posting my alcohol laden limoncello so that Mr. Mad Meat can drown in his sorrows.  GO BRONCOS.



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  1. Limoncello is another one of those things I’ve always wanted to make…but haven’t gotten around to it. I totally wish I had made some back in September, though so I could be sipping it right now. Your bottles look beautiful 😀 and can I just add…GO COLTS! 😉

    • I think your quarterback is HOT! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. Those were Raider fans? I thought they were extras from the Mad Max: Road Warrior movie;)

    Actually, I can’t boast. I’m a Jags fan and we pretty much suck this year.

    • I don’t know which depresses me more – our Bronco loss or Russell not winning the million dollars on survivor. I think I’ll just stick to cooking.

  3. Those are definitely Raiders fans.
    I looked at your fudge pictures, LA – and I’m wondering – do I need to remind you of our address? Surely you want to send a box our way! 🙂 Or – bring it in person!

    • I know Exactly where to find you! LOL and thanks for stopping by Nancy!

  4. We are so pathetic in KC, the game is blacked out…

    Funny, I remember that post as one of the first times I dropped a comment to you… Glad you found PERFECT use for all that, and what a great idea for a gift…

    question, does the quality of the vodka matter much? Can I use the real cheap stuff???

    • My recipe suggests you use Everclear or very inexpensive Vodka. I think I’ll try the Everclear next time. I’ve found those small bottles are actually freezing. A higher alcohol content should take care of that.

      I can’t believe you were blocked out! As you can imagine, I’m a Kansas City fan whenever our Broncos are having a lackluster season.

  5. oh this looks awesome enjoy your home brew lol

    • Thanks for stopping by Rebecca.

  6. I wish I had made some of this!!

    • Make a batch after Christmas – it will be ready just in time for Superbowl.

  7. Thankyou for posting my family reunion shots. Oh by the by, did I mention the score yet. We started with our third string quarterback and somebody in the stands took him out with a laser, We brought in our 30 million dollar quarterback Jokeamus Russell and the Bronco’s tried to take him out. We brought in our rental quarterback that we signed last week. In the end, the true champions were victorious. I toast you with a glass of that yummy looking limoncello.

    Oakland Raiders 20
    Denver Broncos 19

    • I’m going to reply to this on your site.

  8. So the gloves are off? 20-19 seems like a pretty narrow miss.
    But back to the limoncello – I took the zest out when I added the simple syrup, was I supposed to let it continue to “cure”? Even if I did it wrong, it’s been good. Thanks for the recipe.
    This is a funny post! -love the Paula Dean humor,too . . . she is a crack up!

    Montana Vic

    P.S. I agree their super fans are super scary.

    • I think you’re suppose to leave the peel in the whole time. I’ll have to review the recipe again. I’m a big Paula Deen Fan too.

  9. Every year I say I am going to make this and don’t. I finally got to my preserved lemons this year and limoncello is next on the list! 😉 Love your bottles.

    • Deb, I want to make preserved lemons too. They sound so yummy.

  10. That’s brilliant! I can’t believe you made you own limoncello! :O Bravo 😀

    • Thanks Lorraine- yup and all by myself. As always thanks for stopping by

  11. Love your Christmasy photo of limoncello! I have got to make this next year because I do a fruit salad every year steeped in it!

    Now on to football! I love the Lions because I used to be from Michgian. But it’s just all too depressing to talk about. I live in Florida now and the the Dolphins are making us proud!

    • You think you’re depressed. We lost! That limoncello is good! Thanks for stopping by

  12. I love limoncello! They look great. I still have some left from a couple of months ago when I made some. Now I want to steep all sorts of things in vodka. Cinnamon hearts come to mind..

    • Natashya I like the way you think. As always,thanks for stopping by

  13. The Raiders actually winning a game probably had Alice Davis falling over in his white jumpsuit, breaking his granny glasses, thinking he finally beat Shanahan.

    • I big “YUP” to that one and LOL – Thanks Dan 🙂

      • Oh, I am sorry that we ruined your playoff hopes, again!

      • You are not

  14. Lemoncello has become a Mother’s Day tradition at our house for the past five years. there’s nothing like it! You’ve chosen a wonderful gift for your friends.

    • Thanks Katherine! I love that Mother’s Day tradition. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Detroit Lions. If you have to feel sorry for anyone, it would be us! The best selling Lions item is a door mat…

    • I’m feelin the pain BD Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  16. I have made limocello and I know how fun and satisfied you must feel. They make great gifts that will be very appreciated, and just so you know I live in California. Not that I am Raiders fan, at least not an ugly one. GREG

    • Greg, thanks for stopping by. It’s a relief to hear there is such a thing as a non-ugly Raiders Fan. 🙂

  17. The thing about making something like limoncello is that I would be so anxious that it wouldn’t turn out and that I would have waited all this time for nothing! I guess that is silly though. It would really make such an excellent gift.

    • I have that personality and I can’t believe I wasn’t over anxious. I think it’s the out of sight corner of the basement thing. You really should try it. If I can do it, you can. 🙂

  18. what a great idea for Christmas gifts! I am going to do this next year!

    • Meeeee too! Merry Christmas Steph

  19. You know you really don’t live *that* far away from me… Not really. You know, if you have any extra limoncello lying around that you just can’t get rid of…


    • Hugs! Thanks for stopping by Karen

  20. Your limoncello looks absolutely sinful. Oh, how I wish I was on your holiday list 🙂 really, it looks beautiful.

    Happy holidays to you and your family.

    • Thanks Velva – Happy Holidays to you and yours

  21. The bottles of limoncello look really pretty! What wonderful, thoughtful gifts they make. And er … those guys freak me out. LOLOL!

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

  22. This limoncello looks fabulous and so does the fudge on your previous post! Thanks so much for adding me to your blog roll! Happy Holidays!

  23. I have had a Limoncello recipe hanging on my fridge for 2 years I haven’t done yet, but I love it so much and can’t bring myself to spend that much money on a bottle in the liquor store. I just have to do it.

    I would comment on our awesome Vikings here in MN, but the poor boys have struggled the last couple weeks. They need to get their mojo back!

    PS, my kitchen tool I’m getting for Christmas isn’t an ACTUAL kitchen item. It is a new lens for my camera for taking macro shots 🙂

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