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January 4, 2010 at 11:58 pm | Posted in Just Grilled - A Blog Interview | 16 Comments

This month I’ve grilled Mr.  Buffalo Dick over at  Opinions and Rectums, We All Got One.

When I stumbled upon his blog my first reaction was “calm down, his name is probably Richard and he probably lives in Buffalo”  Well, I was partly right. 

I don’t know much about Buff.   I know he lives somewhere in Michigan.  I know (because his blog sidebar tells us) that he is “fifty plus, left-handed, memory still good, double jointed and opinionated”.  I know he owns an Airedale.  I know (because I faithfully read his blog) that his cooking style is pretty straight forward “no-nonsense good”.  And I know that if he agrees to answer these interview questions and let me post them that I’ll cook and eat my hat and blog about it too.  My opinion (since we all got one) is that he really isn’t much for the spotlight.

My favorite post of his was Friday Night Pizza, except it’s Sunday.  That pizza he cooked up looked fabulous.  In addition,  I was humbled by a recent post reminding us about giving back to those less fortunate during this holiday season.  AND, he’s famous in my heart for sharing with me my new favorite soup recipe. His award-winning White Chili.  I blogged about it HERE.. and it is absolutely delicious.  

Buff agreed to answer my little interview…anyone got any good recipes for “hat”? 

Buff would you step to the microphone please.

Name– Richard B. DeYoung

City: Grand Rapids

Blog urlwww.buffalodickdy.blogspot.com

How long have you been blogging?  Been blogging since May 2006.

Four words to describe the food you like to cook:  Simple things done well.

Six words to describe you:  Complicated man, trying to understand others.

Proudest moment in the kitchen:  When I made something I’m pleased with.

Most embarrassing moment in the kitchen:  When the wheels came off, and company got to watch.

Rules of conduct in your kitchen:  If I want help, I will ask for it!

Favorite Ingredient:  Garlic.

Most over-rated ingredient:  Saffron. Is is subtle to the point of a non-event, and costs a fortune!

Favorite local ingredient: Dudek’s Polish mustard- it’s slightly sweet, a touch of horseradish, and coarse ground- best mustard ever!

Weirdest thing you ever eaten:   An unknown bug, while going 60 on a motorcycle-swallowed it before I knew what hit me.

Favorite kitchen gadget:   My Wusthof knives.


Everybody loves it when I cook:  Chili- white or red. 

Favorite all-time restaurant  Defunct- a local place called Duba’s…last of the great supper clubs!

Favorite Cookbook:  Family Circle Cookbook- it’s all in there!


What music do you like to cook by:  Jimmy Buffet- Have a cheeseburger in paradise!

If I owned my own restaurant, I would name it:   Buffalo Dick’s Chili and Chili Dog Emporium!

What famous person would I love to invite over to lunch (living or deceased):Paul Kirk- The Baron of BB-Q!

If I were President who would I appoint as my Chef:   Somebody that could put up with my interference!

In my opinion my best blog post was:  Yet to come…

So, there you have it, now we know a little bit more about our mysterious friend Buff!  Thanks for  letting me rake you over the coals  the interview Richard!



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  1. I adore BD!! His blog is wonderful and it was a fun read. Great person to grill!! I love this feature on your blog.

    • Thanks Donna! Love that you read my blog.

  2. I have two things to say about BD . . . when you sent me a link to his blog, it tood forever to clear my servers spam filter and then my Outlook’s junk mail filter. Neither like the words Dick or Rectum. And B: I LOVE a man that cooks and blogs about it. Great post, great guest(victim). 😛

  3. The name of this blog makes me laugh hysterically!!

  4. LOL I read that name and almost spat out in drink and then did the exact same as you! Great Q&A Lea Ann! 😀

  5. Fun! I love hearing a little more about other bloggers…and nice to learn that he’s from GR…that’s where I grew up…still have family there & visit often 🙂

  6. BD has been a favorite of mine since I discovered his blog a while back.
    Good for you for getting the interview….not a wordy guy, is he? But he gets right to the point.
    I happen to know he lives in Western Michigan in the Grand Rapids area as does my sister. And I was born in Michigan so we have a few things in common. (Although I don’t make chili much anymore, I did copy his White Chili recipe.)

    Always wondered if the Buffalo part had anything to do with astrological signs. Aries or Taurus… although neither IS a buffalo, both look like one, sorta.

  7. good ol’ tricky ricky the buffalodicky – good interview!

  8. Great to get to know BD better! I only know him from Donna’s site.

  9. Well! I am honored and flattered! Thank you so much for such a nice write up! As a life long sales rep, the gift of gab is where I ramble on.. Writing is so much more concise, mainly because I type with two fingers!

    • My pleasure BD! And a big thanks to you

  10. I have been a HUGE fan of his ever since I first read him… He needs to do a week of just chili recipes… he sure does have chops

  11. I have a feeling I would like this blog very much. Just from the name alone. You did a great job interviewing him! Love your questions.

  12. BD wrote the best ever comment in a blog post about Julie Powell’s new book when he wrote something to the effect of: “If I had a lover, my wife would give me a lesson in butchery I’d not soon forget”

    I’ve learned a good bit from not only his blog, but also his helpful comments.

  13. Buff is a fantastic writer, cook and straight-on black and white guy! I am flattered that he even visits my blog and comments.

    He’s dead on about that mustard, it’s the best. I’m almost out so I’ve put muyself on rations!

    You did a fantastic job interviewing Buff.

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