Chipolte Bacon and Eggs Benedict

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For too many years than I can count I’ve been in love with Eggs Benedict. Our first date was a brunch at the historic and famous Brown Palace Hotel   in Downtown Denver.  I saw Benny across  the room on another woman’s plate, it was love at first sight and the affair began.

You never forget your first Eggs Benedict.  I truly believe it was due to the English Muffins that were beautifully house made by the hotel. There was something about that texture that I’ve not been able to find anywhere else.  But with all that said, Bayes English Muffins are just fine for the Benedicts served from my kitchen.

About a month ago, I received some mushroom samples from Marx Foods and created a delicious mushroom cream sauce for an Eggs Benedict type breakfast. You can click HERE to review that post.  I was so very proud of my creation, have bragged about it adnaseum and this accomplishment has led to another concoction that I’m anxious to share with all of you.


There ya have it:  Chipolte Bacon and Eggs Benedict

This is an easy transition.  Just prepare your favorite Hollandaise Sauce.  I make my own Hollandaise because I like a lighter version.  I think that some of the packet mixes and especially those versions in jars available at the supermarkets are so thick and heavy with flavor that they overpower the delicate flavor of the creamy poached eggs and the muffin.  Keep in mind, for this recipe, I did go much lighter on the lemon juice so the chipolte flavor could shine.

So once you have your Hollandaise sauce prepared just add some Adobo sauce to taste.   I had an open can of  Chipolte Peppers in Adobo Sauce so I just spooned out a couple of teaspoons of  the adobo sauce only and added it to the Hollandaise.  You may like a little more heat or smokey flavor, so add just a little at a time to your taste.  I suppose if you just can’t help yourself, you could even add some of the Chipolte peppers, but be careful, those things are HOT, I’d most certainly remove all seeds and veins.  Afterall, we want a subtle and delicate flavor for these creamy poached eggs. 

For this recipe I crisscrossed three half slices of cooked bacon on the toasted muffin, topped with poached eggs, Adobo Hollandaise Sauce and top with some chopped cilantro.  Garnish with a sprig of cilantro and add some fresh berries to the plate and you have a beautiful breakfast.  I decided to name it Chipolte Eggs Benedict…Adobo Eggs Benedict just didn’t ring with romance.

I doubt Rick Bayless would feel too threatened, but I was pretty proud of this dish.  Yum.



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  1. This chipotle bacon and eggs benedict sound and look amazing!

  2. lovin’ it – I am the egg man – no wait I am the walrus – no wait you are me and we are all together…

  3. I like this idea! The adobo in the hollandaise just works. The bacon makes it even better.

    • Thanks Chris and as always love that you stop by

  4. mmmmmmmmmm sounds and looks good!

    Have you ever had the Red Rocks Eggs at the Red Rocks Bar & Grill in Morrison? I think you would like them…eggs benedict without the meat, but with tomatoes, mushrooms and guacamole.

    • I have not Carol. Sounds like a “must try”

      See you soon

  5. This is the second post I have seen in the last week or so about Eggs Benedict. I need to try these-I’m an EB virgin

    • Love Eggs Benedict, you should gingerly give it a try. Poaching eggs can be ornery

  6. sweet!! This sounds amazing to me 🙂

    • Girlie, I’m still wanting to make your flan – now THAT’s amazing

  7. Adobo in hollandaise sounds fantastic. The dish looks gorgeous. Love how you captured the shot, its truly lovely.

    • Thanks Donna – always love your comments

  8. One word. YUM.

    Breakfast is my very favorite meal of the day – did you do this for dinner or brekkie?

    • This was for a Saturday morning late breakfast. (not quite brunch time) hereinafter referred to as Brekkie

      Thanks for stopping by Leah, H-mart here we come. 🙂

  9. This looks wonderful for brunch. I’ll have to pick up something for mimosas!

    • Awrightie – now you’re talking! Thanks Liz and as always thanks for stopping by.

  10. Yummy – I love adding heat to any recipe and the smoky chipotle flavor with eggs sounds downright delicious! Nice post!

  11. I’m a Huge Eggs Benny guy.

    I’m thinking of moving into your basement, to work for meals. k?

    • I’m not falling for that! You just want the wine that’s down there! 🙂

  12. I think Eggs Benedict is one of my very favorite things ever. The addition of chipotles/adobo sauce is brilliant!

    • Thanks Deb and thanks for stopping by!

  13. This sounds amazing, I love breakfast food so this would be a hit over here.

    • Thanks Cathy – and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  14. Chipotle peppers in adobo is an ingredient I met only when I moved to Kansas. We are now BFF and I look for as many ways as I can to use it in my cooking. Now I have another one! 🙂 It looks really, really good, btw.

    • Glad to hear Kansas has been a cultural experience. 🙂 Do you have any Rick Bayless cookbooks? He uses it a lot.

  15. Sounds wonderful; such a nice updated twist to plain old eggs Benedict.

  16. Well, I already commented as mybakingaddiction – that’s what happens when you’re in someone else’s account (I’m working on moving her site to WordPress). 🙂

    But still mean everything I said…sounds like a great twist and is making me hungry now!

  17. If it’s on the menu- I will always order Eggs Benedict! Yours sounds delicious!

    • Me too Buff – Always

      Thanks for stopping by

  18. I love eggs benedict…

    old joke among my travelling salesmen buddies from a few years ago… Only two things you can’t get at home… one was eggs benedict

    Love this recipe, so many flavors!

  19. Looks fabulous! A great twist on the taditional Eggs Benedict

  20. this is over the top! What time is breakfast?

    • Anytime you get here Katherine! Thanks for stopping by.

  21. I totally know how you feel. The first time I had eggs benedict was love at first bite. Hollandaise sauce is a total revelation. Love the stuff.

    Your homemade version sounds fantastic! I love the addition of mushrooms and the chipotle. OHMYGOD good.

    • Thanks Joanne! I already have more ideas. I’ve become obsessed! 🙂 As always thanks for stopping by my blog.

  22. Beautiful way of spicing up (literally) eggs benedict! 😀 I wonder if a cafe would do this for me? 😛

    • Well, it never hurts to ask (except when good chefs are involved) 😉

  23. […] so back to the Benedict family. Remember the Spanish-speaking neighbor Chipolte Eggs Benedict? And his rich Aunt Mushroom Cream Sauce Benedict? Well I dreamed up Louie through a photo I saw […]

  24. breakfast foods should always be high in protein and also in carbohydrates, we need food energy during the early morning -.”

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