Hurrah For Bloggers!

January 27, 2010 at 3:12 am | Posted in Breakfast, eggs, Salads | 40 Comments
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One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to actually cook some of those recipes I’ve bookmarked from your blogs. I promised myself that I would incorporate your offerings  into my weekly menu and so far I’ve not fallen off the wagon and pretty much stayed the course.

Here’s the latest:

First up is a delicious recipe I found over at Nod and Wink. Slow Scrambled Eggs With Rosemary and Capers.  I have to admit, I was a little leery of the flavor combination of rosemary and capers in eggs, but I have to tell you this was delicious.  Loved it. You can find the recipe by clicking HERE. I did exactly what George said not to do; I overcooked the eggs a bit. I rushed it at the end by putting a lid on the pan for the final 30 seconds and left the lid on about 30 seconds too long. 🙂 Even though the texture wasn’t perfect the flavor sure was. I served this on top of English Muffins.  This recipe is now in my permanent database. Thank you so much George  for posting this on Nod and Wink and my apologies for that photo that doesn’t do your wonderful recipe justice.

I served these eggs with Potatoes O’Brien (also in the photo above). I found this recipe over at  Cooking Tip Of  The Day. I have been known to buy Oreida Potatoes O’Brien every once in a while and I have no idea why I’ve never made them myself. I didn’t have any green pepper, so used a yellow bell pepper. And of course these are delicious. To view her original post click HERE.  Thanks to Linda for this good solid recipe.

And last, but not least, look at this beautiful salad. I found this idea over at Mango and Tomato. Thanks to Olga I was reminded to use up the last of those Hearts of Palm I had in the fridge. This was a delicious and very healthy mid-week lunch for me. I did add a splash of Seasoned Rice Vinegar to the olive oil dressing. You can view the original post and a much prettier photo by clicking HERE. Thanks Olga!

So thank you my friends for these wonderful recipes. They’ve all gone from “bookmarked” to a permanent record in my recipe database.

Hurrah for bloggers!



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  1. ooh I’m so glad I could inspire you!!! Love the addition of asparagus. Your salad looks pretty. I’m very proud of YOU 🙂

    • That salad was as tasty as it was beautiful. Thanks for the recipe Olga.

  2. What a wonderful resolution! I am definitely going to have to try the salad… it looks like the perfect lunch.

    • And so good for us! I love salads. Thanks for stopping by Liz

  3. The slow scrambled egg reminds me of the one Julia Child talked about when her cooking instructor showed her how to scramble an egg right. And that salad looks so colorful and healthy. I love your H.F.B. feature – it’s like one stop shopping for new recipes!

    • Thanks Vickie! Those eggs were wonderful! Great recipe.

  4. Great recipes–that salad looks wonderful. I get fresh hearts of palm here from The Big Island and am always looking for ways to use them.

    • I’ve never seen fresh hearts of palm. Only jars here. I wouldn’t even know what they looked like. One more reason to live in Paradise! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Deb

  5. Thanks for the shout out… and I’m glad you liked the spuds… a great little addition to a terrific egg recipe

    The eggs and the salad look terrific… will have to truck on over to get these recipes

  6. Brilliant post. This is just what I love about blogging. Food & connect!

    • Gosh thanks! Now if I can just learn how to take good pictures! Thanks for stopping by.

  7. I’m totally focused on that salad! Isn’t it amazing how good salad tastes in January? It’s so nice to have a plate full of crisp, fresh veggies and a clean, tangy dressing. Helps me to move past the heavy Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years food.

    • I agree Karen. The ingredients of this salad are just fantastic, to look at and eat. Thanks for stopping by

  8. There is a ton of knowledge between the good cooks I’ve met on-line..Like Yogi Berra said once: “None of us is as good as all of us”…

    • Yogi Berra had so many good quotes!! As always, thanks for stopping by BD

  9. Delish! Great to see the bloggers’ dishes!

    • I agree, I’m enjoying my new segment. Thanks Natashya

  10. Hurray for you! You did a fantastic job on both. the eggs really have me intrigued…always looking for something new to use capers on!

    • Those eggs are just darn good! Loved them. Thanks for stopping by Katherine

  11. George always has great recipes. I love the use of rosemary in the eggs!
    The salad is exactly what I want in a lunch! Colors, textures and tastes. Delicious.
    I agree….hurrah for bloggers!

    • I agree, I need to get to know George better…I’m working on that! Thanks for stopping by Barbara

  12. I have fallen in love with slow cooked scrambled eggs and some Boursin cheese, lawd have mercy, that’s some good stuff.

    The salad looks beautiful too. Spectacular.

    • SLOW COOKED EGGS AND BORSIN? I agree lawd have mercy on our souls. So sinfully good. Thanks Chris, always look forward to your comments.

  13. These are two gorgeous looking dishes. I can see why you were so inspired Lea Ann! 😀

  14. It is so great that you are supporting other bloggers in this way. We are such a great group of foodies. I wish I could meet every one of you.

    • I agree Penny, I’d love to meet everyone in person.

  15. Lea Ann, many many thanks for the “wink & nod” to my egg post. I have found in the short time blogging that there are so many creative & gifted people like you and I am always trying their creations.

    I like your New Year Resolution and will pay particular attention to see what you have discovered from “foodies” from around the world.

    Take care and thanks again…

    • Thanks George. Those eggs were wonderful. Thanks for stopping by

      Lea Ann

  16. Those recipes look great. There are too many great recipes on the web to choose from! Great start on your resolution!

  17. That salad looks delightful!!

  18. That reminds me. That’s one of my resolutions too.

  19. These recipes sound delicious.I love those cups you poached your eggs in!

  20. This was a wonderful post! Everyday, I am amazed at the recipes that I discover on fellow blogger sites. George’s A Nod is As Good as A Wink is one of my favorite blogs.

  21. what a beautiful salad… love that last idea

  22. Hurrah for bloggers indeed! It’s wonderful to see how much blogging can open and diversify your cooking repertoire. Bravo for trying these recipes!

  23. Thanks for the inspiration and the introduction to a few new blogs. GREG

    • Now If I can just take some good pictures!!! As always, thanks for stopping by Greg.

  24. This was a great interview. I enjoy Dave’s blog daily. He has a passion for his blog and it shows. I think that is what really draws his loyal readers. He enjoys digressing and it is fun. I told him in my last comment that he digresses because he really lives and experiences life-which means he has a lot to share.
    I am looking forward to his posts while down in the islands. He will be in rare form.

    • As always thanks for stopping by Velva

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