Wild Boar Sausage

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Ever eaten Wild Boar? I’ve never eaten Wild Boar. Anyone ever seen a Wild Boar? I’ve never seen a Wild Boar.  I read, that in the United States they live in the Southeast…Go Razorbacks???

I mean look at it! A face like that doesn’t quite invoke that same wrenching tug at the heart as when you see a photo of an adorable lamb or a cute wittle wabbit. 

I vote for “let’s eat it”. Well, somebody can kill it and I’ll eat it.  Again, if I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, “If I had to kill my own food, I’d be a vegetarian”.

I just read a post over at Chez What about hot dogs. It seems that New York officially consumes the most hot dogs in the United States. Great post, and you can click HERE if you haven’t had a hot dog in a while and feel like getting tortured. His photos of hot dogs were salivatingly and ravenously good and made me want a hot dog sooner than NOW. 

I didn’t have any hot dogs on hand, but if you remember a few weeks ago, I went on a field trip for some veal stock at Marczyk Fine Foods in Denver.  I purchased the stock along with some other speciality items and one item I couldn’t resist grabbing were these Apricot and Cranberry Wild Boar Sausages and some really cool little New York Style buns.  

I threw both in the freezer for just the right moment and after reading Chez What’s New York Dog post, the moment had arrived and ran as fast as I could  to thaw them.

Well, these sausages were wildly delicious. I loved the texture of this meat. I’ll have to read up and see if that’s one of the characteristics of this animal, or if it had something to do with the first-class facility that processed the meat.

I served this with some yellow mustard and a side of sauerkraut heated with some brown sugar chopped apple and butter which made for a delicious meal. Next field trip to Marczyk’s I’ll definitely pick up another package, or two, of these sausages.

Thank you Marczyk Fine Foods and thank you Christo for reminding me that I was craving a hot dog.



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  1. Ha ha,same here…even if i see ’em being killed i turn veg for a few days and there are a few meats i jus cant mouth…more on that on my post….

    Well have never had this kinda sausage and we dont get it around here too or maybe i didn see it around….
    My fav sausages are goan sausage,portuguese sausage(all kinds included :-))) ) and yay …hot dog ofcourse…the american way …..

    • I’ve seen several recipes that call for Portuguese Sausage and darnit, I can’t find it around here. Thanks for stopping by

  2. I have a good source for smoked wild boar. Unfortunately my wife doesn’t eat pork so we can’t share it.

  3. I’ve never had wild boar, but I would love to try it.

    • Pam, I really think it may have been the best sausage I’ve ever had. Maybe :=)

  4. I’ve never had boar, but I understand it makes wonderful proscuitto. I’m definitely going to have to find some of both!

    • Wow, I knew I’d find out more about this meat once I posted this. Thanks Liz

  5. Off the top of my head, and probably missing a few, I’ve had deer, moose, buffalo, chicken, turkey and elk sausage (separately, not in the same sausage, FYI) but I have never had boar sausage, or any sausage with dried fruit, for that matter. But since I love me just about any kind of sausage, I’m going to have to keep an eye out, since this sounds so interesting!

  6. Had some BBQed Wild Boar once … the best pork dish I’ve ever eaten!

  7. Never had boar either…. and definitely wouldn’t eat meat if I had to kill it… I helped out on a dairy farm down the road from my folks weekend/summer house when I was in my teens… fed little calves …they were so cute… we named them and everything… couldn’t believe one ended up on a spit for 4th of July… I wouldn’t touch…. let alone eat meat for months… the bull changed that though

    Now the bull is another story… meanest SOB…(apparently they get mean after studding for a while)… which btw is totally lost on me…he was getting it and he gets mean… go figure…goes to show ya … there’s no pleasin’ a man…. as grill says… I’m digressing here…anyway … him I’d marinate and eat daily

    • LOL Linda, same thing when I was a kid growing up on the farm…the twin calves that were born on my birthday, which I immediately named, I hand fed every morning, and then one day ended up on the dinner table. I was devastated…for awhile. 🙂

  8. Most of what people call “wild boar” in the Southeast US are actual feral pigs that escaped from farms generations ago. The are devastating to the ecosystems that they over run, so I have no problem hunting them. Not so hot about hunting Bambi 😉

    True wild board are mostly in the Texas area.

    Those “hot dogs” look awfully good right now.

    • Well, I’ve seen those feral pigs at picnic areas in the Southern part of Texas. They’re hugs and they lay around the picnic tables. Thanks for stopping by Chris

  9. I’ve had wild boar a few times and it is such a treat! My favorite dish so far was a wild boar ravioli. These sausages sound incredible! I’m jealous that you have a source for veal stock. I can’t find it anywhere and can’t find veal bones to make my own either!

    • Wild Boar Ravioli!!! Now that sounds truly intriguing! I can’t even describe how good that veal stock is. Thanks for stopping by Phoo-d

  10. Well, let’s see since Wild Boar is what I call my husband…well…hmmmm…

    • LOL Cathy – had momentarily forgotten that!

  11. Well, it’s sure not the prettiest face I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure. And I’ve never tasted it, but I would love to try it in hot dog form!

    Congrats on the award…such fun to receive one!

  12. I had a slice of wild boar at a local upscale restaurant- it was just tough pig meat… Would be a lot better in a sausage!

  13. Yup – kill the ugly ones first! 😉
    I used to live next door to a weekend hunter. He also smoked his own meat on the balcony. One day he gave me a gift of wild boar jerky that he had made – very tasty!
    Great looking sausage.. I have a sudden craving for hot dogs..

  14. That thing would consume me in a heartbeat if it had the chance…so I agree, it deserves to be eaten. That sausage looks great, and the sauerkraut, mustard and other stuff…yes. I’ll spear the thing if you want me to.

  15. Wild boar is a nuisance game animal not to far from here. You can get a hunting tag cheap. I have had boar bacon. It is very lean and has a strong flavor.

    I am going to roast a pigs head next weekend.

  16. We have a local restaurant here that does local wild boar every so often and they cure it and the flavor is incredible. The sausages look delicious. 😉

  17. wow thanks for the shout out – I stopped in the moment this post went up but I didnt want to be the FIRST commenter – I have had wild boar and I have seen Javelina in Arizona – these sausages look great!

    • You’re very welcome for that Shout Out! Love your blog.

  18. I have eaten wild boar! I used to date a girl whose dad was a hunter (cue generic “I can get rid of you, kid” girlfriends dad joke) and he bagged one once. Good times. The sausages sound tasty.

    • LOL – gotta love those hunter/girlfriend’s dad jokes. Thanks for stopping by

  19. Too funny. I have access to all that meat. My brother is a hunter, and has bagged a boar before. But never had the desire. I need to expand my limits

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