Mile High Super Bowl Party

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I like everything about Super Bowl Sunday, the hype, the food, the commercials and most of all the excuse for good friends to come together over food and beverage. A good football game is the icing on the cake and the Saints and Colts did not disappoint. I’m so glad to see the Saints win.

Our house was the scene for the big game gathering this year and here’s the recap of our evening.

Let’s start with the finger food and the recipe “find” of the century. 

We all love Kathy’s Jalapeno Shrimp appetizer.  L-O-V-E love it.  We beg Kathy to bring this to all of our gatherings and it’s devoured within minutes of being plated. 

It’s simply a slice of  jalapeño tucked into the crook of a shrimp, wrapped in bacon and then broiled. If all of those flavors aren’t wonderful enough you dip this appetizer into a delicious sauce. I’ll post the recipe below. It’s worth cutting  and pasting it into your database and giving it a try.

No party would be complete without relish plates and no relish plate in this house is ever void of pickled beets and hot pickled okra. 


 Mandatory Super Bowl party dips, chips and crackers. Starting top left and continuing clockwise, Maralee’s delicious guacamole, and her home-made Sun-dried tomato hummus and olive hummus. Cauleen brought some wonderfully sinful warm crab dip that we gobbled down on some crackers and toasted baguette rounds. Thank you ladies!

Teri brought this WONderful salad. She said it’s very easy to make and it’s definitely going into my database to serve again and again. I don’t have the recipe. When she gets it to me I’ll make  and post the recipe.

Since Cajun/Creole foods are some of my favorite dishes, how could I resist not serving a couple of traditional classics for my party.

Let’s start with my Muffaletta Sliders. 

First of all, I was so proud of this idea. And I must admit they turned out pretty good.


How many of you have ever been to Central Grocery in New Orleans and had one of their world-famous Muffalettas? I’ve never found another as good. But, if you do it just right you can come somewhat close. 

I’ve made my own olive relish before, but this time relied on a local speciality and fine meats grocer, Tony’s Market. Tony’s is a wonderful place and one of these days, I’ll dedicate an entire post about some of the items you can find there. We’re lucky to have such a fine market in our area and you can click on the logo if you want to take a quick look.

Tony’s makes a good Muffaletta, so when we purchased the deli meat for my sandwiches, we asked the deli guy what he would recommend for the tapenade. He recommended the same that they use for their Muffalettas.  It’s pictured above, and it really was quite good.  What I really liked about this brand is that pickled cauliflower is included in the ingredients. I can’t find pickled cauliflower in Denver to save my life. Thanks Deli Guy at Tony’s!

I really like Sara Lee Classic Dinner rolls for any slider recipe that I make. 

My Muffaletta sliders were built with alternating two layers each:

  • Mortadella
  • Smoked Ham
  • Cotto Salami
  • Provolone Cheese
  • Swiss Cheese

I topped the each sandwich with 1/2 Pepperoncini pepper, veins and seeds removed, and a slather of the olive tapenade.

On to the Jambalaya. I’m naming my Jambalaya, “Who Dat Jambalaya”. The reason it’s Who Dat is because it’s a combination of three recipes.  My Jambalaya consultants are:

Chef From Hell, my Blogger Consultant. If you’re at all a fan of Cajun/Creole cuisine, his blog is a must read. Some mighty fine recipes are posted over there. 

His latest post is about the Muffaletta.  If you want to read about the real deal, head on over and take a look.  Click HERE.

I not only consulted Chef Paul for the Jambalaya but also made his Creole Sauce that he recommended be served as a topping to Jambalaya. Easy, delicious and I’m glad I took the time to make that sauce.

And then John Besh’s My New Orleans was a great source for the Jambalaya. 

I’ve had my share of gumbos and etouffees, but I don’t think I’ve ever tasted jambalaya. What I made up was pretty darn good if I don’t say. Thanks to all these Chefs for the great recipes. And no photo, every photo I took was absolutely horrible.

Did I mention the beverages?  I guess I didn’t. 

The beer.  A collection from  local brew pub,  Breckenridge Brewery Beer…thank you to Greg.

The wine.  Dan brought a 2007 Columbia Crest H3 Cabernet Sauvignon (right).  The H3 stands for Horse Heaven Hills.  A highly rated Washington Cab and an excellent bargain at $13 or $14. Our Superbowl tradition is to start the game with a sparkly. This year we served a sparkling Prosecco (left)  and then the filler (center), a good Black Box Shiraz

Happy Super’s the crew.  From left: 

  • Greg who brought the beer
  •  Maralee, hummus and guac queen
  •  Bob the hubby,
  • me, the blogger
  • Tom, the only Colts fan
  • Kathy, the  Jalapeno Shrimp maven
  • Teri the salad guru,
  • and Dan wine connoisseur and chief heckler

This photo was actually taken at Christmas at Dan and Teri’s house, so we’re minus Greg, Cauleen and Conner.

As with any of our gatherings, Bad Santa is always looking over us. And of course, he’s a Saint’s Fan. Here’s the shrimp recipe.

Kathy’s Jalapeno Shrimp

  • 24 medium shrimp — shelled, deveined
  • 1/3 cup balsamic vinegar
    24 wood toothpicks
    12 slices bacon
    24 pickled jalapeño slices
    1/2 cup mayonnaise
    1 Tbs chili sauce
    1 Tbs sweet pickle relish
    1 Tbs minced red pepper

1. Place shrimp and balsamic vinegar in a large resealable plastic bag.  Refrigerate for about 15 min.  Soak toothpicks in water while shrimp is marinating.  Cut bacon in half, crosswise.  Remove shrimp from marinade, reserving marinade.  Put 1 piece of bacon on work surface, place on shrimp at the end, place one slice of jalapeno in the crook of the shrimp, roll and secure with toothpick.

2. Stir together mayo, chili sauce, pickle relish, red pepper and 1 T. water.  Refrigerate until ready to use.

3. Broil shrimp brushing with marinade 2-3 minutes.  Turn, marinade again and cook another 2-3 min.

Servings: 8

My Muffaletta Sliders are on their way to paradise to Deb in Hawaii for Souper Sunday.  Is there a Pro-Bowl joke in there somewhere?  I know, I know, it wasn’t in Hawaii this year  Her Souper Sunday segment is chock full of great soups and sandwiches.  Thanks for hosting this Deb.



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  1. Now this sounds like a fun party! What a way to watch one of the best Super Bowl games ever, than with family & friends. Looks like you had a wonderful array of “good eats”, too.

    Thanks for sharing some terrific ideas!

    • I agree, it might just be the best Super Bowl ever…that’s sayin a lot coming from a Broncos Fan. Thanks for stopping by George.

  2. Muff sliders!!!

    Whoop Whoop

    Gonna be stealing that idea!

    And I am loving those shrimp. What a great night for foodies!

    • I’m very proud of my Muff sliders and you go right ahead and steal. I have a feeling you’d make better Muff sliders than me..just a hunch. Thanks Dave for stopping by.

  3. What an extravaganza! The food looks and sounds delicious – especially those sliders and the famed shrimp bacon appies . . . I am dutifully pasting them into an email home. We didn’t watch the Superbowl here, but I explained the whole concept to my grandson – then we read another chapter of Harry Potter. It was fun to party vicariously at your party, though – thanks! 🙂

    • You’ve got to try them Vic. Really good. Love that you’re having such a good visit with your grandson. As always love your comments.

  4. Wow – great spread, the jalapeno/shrimp and muffaletta sliders sound especially appealing. If always wanted to live in the Denver area – any homes for sale near yours so I can get moved by next Superbowl.

    • You go right ahead and move into the neighborhood, I’ll be on your doorstep for some of that good food you cook up too! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Yum! Looks like you guys had tons of fun!

  6. That looks like a fabulous party! I like it that bad Santa had his Mardi Gras beads on! So much good food… I’m looking forward to the salad post 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Liz. Bad Santa has a lot of stories to tell.

  7. I love your eats, your attitude, and you have a great group of friends! Glad you had a good time!

    • Thanks BD, and as always thanks for stopping by.

  8. looks like one good thing after another – and I agree the shrimp appetizer is a winner.

  9. I’ve done a very similar shrimp stuffed with basil that Chris Lilly taught me but I have to try this one too! Bookmarked.

    And damn….what a great party. I was working that day so we didn’t cook much. 😦

    • Oh noooo, a foodie who has to work on a foodie day????? Thanks for stopping by

  10. EVERYTHING looks divine!!

  11. Lea Ann,
    It looks like you all had a great time and great food. Beautiful picture of you.

  12. Wow–what a spread! It all looks delicious. The muffaletta sliders are genius! Thanks for sending them to Souper Sundays. 😉

    • Thanks Deb! You’re welcome. Love Souper Sundays.

  13. That Bad Santa is So not cool. Sat there in a freakin’ potted plant staring us down with his raggedy-ass self. I’m not over it.

    Teri’s salad is below:

    LOUISIANA SUNBURST SALAD (Served by Chef Robert Bruce at tha Palace Cafe on Canal Street)

    24 oz mesclun mix (mixed baby lettuces like mache, frisee, radicchio, spinach)
    2 oz dried cranberries
    2 oz almonds, sliced and toasted (I burned ’em a little on purpose)
    1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
    1 ounce vegetable oil
    2 oz crumbled stilton cheese (or blue cheese)
    2 oz ruby port wine
    2 oz raspberry vinegar
    1 teaspoon sugar
    1 oz water
    5 dashes of tabasco (somehow it turned into ten or twelve : )
    Salt & pepper to taste

    Soak the cranberries overnight in the port.
    In a large mixing bowl, add the oil, water, vinegar, tabasco, cinnamon. Whisk until emulsified (inside scoop…the host of this blog is INTO emulsification…settle down Lea Ann). Add the lettuce and toss. Season with salt and pepper.

    Place the greens on a plate and garnish with the crumbled cheese, cranberries, and almonds.

    • I think you’re being a little rough on Bad Santa…

      Thanks so much for this recipe. No wonder it was so good, look at all of these wonderful ingredients. Thanks for typing it up Dan.

  14. I made muffaleta potato skins for the Saints and Fried Pork potato skins for the Colts…awesome par-tee!!

  15. Looks like a great party! Love the sliders

  16. Looks like you had a great Super Bowl party with great eats!
    Love the shrimp recipe….

  17. It was best Super Bowl Party we’ve ever attended! Everything was so yummy. Bad Santa was creeping me out a bit though.

    • Thank you Cauleen! And by the way, that’s Bad Santa’s job – to creep everyone out.

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