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I bought some lard yesterday. Ok, pipe down everyone and don’t have a heart attack (pun intended). It’s not like I”m going to be frying up vats of flour-dredged deep fat fried food everyday, I just happen to like lard for certain things and the last time I looked, Safeway was lardless. And look, the logo even sports a graphic of a heart. (wink)

Yesterday we set out across town on a Foodie Field Trip. Our destination was the Mexican grocery store, Avanza. 

I recently complained about our lack of  Chipolte Peppers in Adobo Sauce selection here on the South side of town and fellow Denver area blogger Drew, over at Grubology came to the rescue. He reminded me about the Mexican Market over on Federal Blvd. in Denver.  So, yesterday morning Bob and I loaded up and headed over to do some shopping. If you’d like to visit Drew’s blog  click HERE.

Thanks Drew, I loved this market, brimming full of items not found here in Highlands Ranch. Fabulous selection of peppers, beans, rice, hot sauces and too many other items to list. 

Yes, I picked up some Chipolte Peppers in Adobo along with some other loot.  Goya black beans, and some Tapatio Hot Sauce.  Move over Tobasco, I’m broadening my horizons.

Imported Mexican Coca-cola bottled with “good-tasting”  cane sugar.

Just look at that fluffy scoop of lard. Seems like there should be a little skier swishing down that pristine slope. We see now why Morrell has so suitably named their product Snow Cap.

Lots of Goya products are available at Avanza. I picked up this Adobo with Bitter Orange flavor. I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with it, but it sounded so exotic. Not pairing up for a culinary event, I just thought this made a pretty picture next to bits of orange bell peppers I chopped up for country-style potatoes for breakfast. 

Avanza has a fabulous selection of Mexican Cheese and at a fraction of the cost when I buy them in Highlands Ranch. I picked up some crumbling cheese and some Manchego.  I use Manchego for my “Spaniard Sandwich” which  I’ll be making this week and, of course, blogging about.

I love pork chops for breakfast, so I bought these very thin sliced pork sirloin chops which I flash-fried in my cast iron skillet. Beautifully yummy. 

With my Avanza inspired pork chops, brunch was a sunnyside up egg, country-style potatoes sautéed in lard with orange bell peppers and green onions and pork chops. Look at those pork chops, they’re just barely thicker than the fried egg white.  And darn it Larry (Big Dude Eclectic Ramblings) there weren’t enough pan drippings from these lean pork chops to make some of that delicious cream gravy you’ve been slathering all over everything in sight. 

So with all of that said, we’ve got a spring-like day here in Denver, so I’m off to walk the dogs a couple of miles. Afterall, I don’t want to turn into a lard-ass!  🙂

Pork Chops, potatoes crispy on the outside but steamy tender on the inside fried  in a dollop of lard and a perfect sunny-side up egg (with a little bit too much black pepper)

It’s Whats For Brunch.



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  1. I want to make my own lard. I just need lots of pork fat!

    • I wouldn’t know how to make lard. Think I’ll leave that to the professionals. Thanks for stopping by Pam.

  2. Pork chops taters and eggs… Are you from the Ozarks… that;s my dad’s favorite meal!

  3. Looks like a successful shopping trip and a great breakfast – even without the gravy. My youngest daughter doesn’t even like gravy – I can’t imagine. Thanks for the mention.

    • How can anyone “not” like gravy??? As always, thanks for stopping by Larry.

  4. I know, everyone groans when you say LARD. But it makes the very best pie crust!
    When I was a kid, we didn’t have pork chops for breakfast, but we always had side pork. Which is kind of a cross between bacon and a pork chop. It went so well with our buckwheat pancakes!

    • Don’t think I’ve ever had side pork. I agree, my mom always used Crisco for pie crusts and they were fab. Can’t imagine what a lard crust would be like. Thanks for stopping by Barbara.

  5. I am planning on making confit chicken and replacing the duck fat with lard. I thing it will work well.
    It sounds as if you found a good market for your Mexican goods. I do the same with my Oriental products. If I buy them t the grocery they are very expensive. If I buy the at the Oriental store the price is much more reasonable.

    • Same here Ed, our Oriental Market has great prices. Looking forward to reading about your confit chicken. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I’m lucky here … we have a good sized Mexican population… so even Walmart carries lots of Mexican products… prbably the largest Mexican cheese assortment I’ve seen anywhere…

    I don’t use lard anymore…. but breakfast sure sounded good and looked even better!

    • Never thought about Walmart. I’ll have to stop in and take a look. Thanks for stopping by Linda.

  7. I don’t know why everyone freaks out over lard. It’s perfect for certain things so you just gotta use it!

    • I agree. Example: Flour tortillas made with lard are far superior.

  8. Lard is a superior ingredient in fine, flaky pastries…nothing like it!

  9. What a wonderful store in which to shop. I know you didn’t go to bed hungry :-). Your photos are lovely and pork chops don’t sound at all bad. As a matter of fact, you’ve made me downright hungry.

  10. I bought some lard last month when I made homemade refried beans. Why have I never thought of pork chops for breakfast?? Will have to remedy that 😉 I’d rather shop in a grocery store than anywhere… looks like you got a good haul on your trip!

  11. I’m still laughing about “Lard Ass” . . .
    I think lard definitely has it’s place – the enchalada sauce my Mexican neighbor in Texsa made, HAD to have lard for the flavor. And the best pre-made pie crust I’ve ever tasted uses lard. It’s a natural product as opposed to shortening which I think has trans-fats.
    And I think your breakfast looks delicious (especially on that green plate!)

    • Lard Ass is no laughing matter!!! 🙂

      I am going to make a pie crust soon. I’ve heard that lard makes a superior crust years. And stay away from that green plate! :-) I only have four of those and I have nightmares about breaking one. I love those plates and bought them at Safeway a few years ago. Safeway may not carry lard, but they can sometimes have some nice plates. Go figure.

  12. I love trips like these……and hope you could work off the delicious looking brunch?

    • Well, I did the best I could. :-) As always, thanks for stopping by

  13. Avanza has really good little tamales. And quality chile caribe (sweet New Mexico crushed red pepper), a secret ingredient in my salsa.

    Tapatio is great, it has a slightly starchy taste behind the heat that becomes addictive.

    And please don’t ever, Ever, forget Frank’s Red Hot. moment of silence.

    • And just where were you when I needed you Mr. Avanza expert??? I didn’t see any little tamales….I guess it seems I needed you there for a tour.

      • I get around. For a non-foodie, I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve. When you’re finished interviewing all those real food people, slip me a call and I’ll give you some pointers : )

        My knowledge base mostly revolves around finding other people who make good things, so I don’t have to make them and I can just eat them. So specific dishes at restaurants, shops, etc. are my thing. And…your kitchen.

        Oh, and…don’t forget. I’ve got three recipes. Total. In my entire life I’ve been able to avoid making anything except these three things which I got tired of nobody making right, so I up and made them myself.

        More later, maybe……under the influence of red wine.

  14. Lard o’ mercy! Those pork chops look great for breakfast. You’re my kinda gal.

    • Hugs Chris, and always love your comments.

  15. what a fun shopping trip & great looking breakfast!

  16. Everyone is right about lard being wonderful in piecrust. It is even good to mix it half and half with butter. Seems like homemade tamales require lard too. I will have to look in Mexican markets for some.

    • Lard also makes the best tortillas. You know I’ll be giving that a try

  17. I used to live in Colorado but now reside in Alaska. There is plenty fresh seafood here but not alot of good Mexican food. Does anyone know how to make the chili that chubbys makes, I do miss that good chili. I know they use lard in the recipe but would like to know the rest.

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