I Call It “The Spaniard”

March 11, 2010 at 1:10 am | Posted in Sandwiches | 42 Comments
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I call it “The Spaniard” even though the only thing Spanish about the final version of this sandwich is the Manchego Cheese.

I call it “The Spaniard” because I swiped this recipe from a local liquor store and they had named it “The Spaniard”. You’re probably scratching your head and asking “HUH, food? liquor store, Spaniard???” Let me explain. 

A couple of years ago, a huge liquor super mart, about the size of a Costco Warehouse opened up on the West side of Denver. I kid you not.  HUGE store, almost laughably huge. The name of the store is Tipsy’s Liquor World and it sports a two-story neon martini glass on the back of the building,  which faces the highway, and I’m sure is also visible from the Hubble Space Telescope. In other words, ya can’t miss Tipsy’s Liquor World.

The south end of Tipsy’s Liquor World houses a specialty food store/deli counter. It’s actually kind of a cool idea. Tipsy’s is located on our main highway that leads up into our beautiful Rocky Mountains and I’m thinkin’ that they’re thinkin’ that on your way up to the hills you’ll stop for some wine and picnic lunch. 

Anyway, we were browsing  in Tipsy’s Liquor World around lunch time one Saturday and decided to grab a sandwich. We each ordered  “The Spaniard”. DEElicious. About halfway through the sandwich, coming up for my first breath and with glazed eyes, I said to Bob “I can make this at home”.   So you know I did.

Here’s what you’ll need for “The Spaniard”

  • 8 slices of Black Forest Ham
  • About 8 thick slices of onion, caramelized
  • One roasted yellow bell pepper
  • One roasted red bell pepper (both divided in half for each sandwich)
  • 2 thick slices Manchego Cheese

I think the original sandwich had Serrano Ham, which I’ve used. Black Forest Ham seems to be easier for me to work with.

4 slices of pumpernickel bread slathered in mayonnaise

Starting with the ham, layer ingredients on one slice of bread with the Manchego Cheese ending up on top. Place the two sandwich halves on a baking sheet and broil until cheese is bubbly and just starting to brown.  Remove from oven, top with remaining slice of bread, press down to a bit on the top to press everything together, plate and dig in. Makes 2 sandwiches.

I like to serve a lot of simple garden salads with my meals.  Makes me feel healthy.  This time served with a tangerine vinaigrette.

What is the name of your local liquor store?

Invite the “The Spaniard”.

It’s What’s For Dinner.



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  1. this sandwich is a butt kicker – seriously – its that good!

    • Thanks DoggyB, for the comment and the visit

  2. That is one amazing looking sandwich. If that is what you were even remotely served at Tipsy’s Liqour World, all I can say is wow.

    btw, A liqour store the size of a Costco with a big neon martini glass-really? I love it!

    • It’s a monstrosity! Thanks Velva

  3. I’ve been to Tipsy’s and it is CRAZY big. I will definitely make that sandwich. It looks sooooo good. Great photos. — Drew

  4. YUM! I will make this on my next day off (I do hope it’s soon). Our nearest liquor store is the Majestic… it sadly does not live up to it’s name. Thanks for a great post!

  5. I have a hard time commenting about how bleepity bleep good that sandwich looks without using dirty words. Just wow.

    Did I mention, wow?

    The broiled cheese brings tears to my eyes.

    • As always, thanks for bleepity bleep stopping by Chris! 🙂

  6. Inventive sandwiches like this are the best. So out of the ordinary and yet so delicious. I love the story of it’s discovery. Maybe I need to hang out more in my local liquor store. you know. For food inspiration.

  7. It could of used a couple of slices of bacon. Otherwise it was very tasty looking.

  8. LOVE this post! The sandwich looks fabulous – not sure what Manchego cheese is, but I’m anxious to find out. And I’m with you, the salad side = healthy. Your photos are just beautiful!!

    • Thanks Vickie. I had never used Manchego until I wanted to make this sandwich. Its creamy good.

  9. I’ve been a sandwich man my entire life and would love to dive into this baby. It is awesome and I like everything on it – great job.

    • Thanks Larry! I’m still craving that gravy of yours.

  10. Wow, what a sammie! Totally delicious.
    Our local liquor store sports the same name as ever other liquor store in the province. We have a medieval monopoly in Ontario, and we also enjoy the right to pay three times more than the US for the same products. Yay!

    • Oh yes, I forgot about your Canadian situation! As always, thanks for stopping by Natashya

  11. Seriously delicious looking sandwich. Our liquor stores are called ABC stores. That would be the first sign that children recognize – go figure.

  12. Um, since I was BORN in Spain, that makes me a SPANIARD…….soooooo YOU KNOW I’LL BE MAKING THIS !yum ! ! !

    • Uh oh, an expert! :-) Thanks for stopping by.

  13. That sounds like my kind of store! 😀 Great sandwich too.

    • I’m kind of like a kid in a candy store in that place.

  14. Ham and pumpernickel- you had me at that before the other goodies!

    • As always, thanks for stopping by BD

  15. That looks way better than the cereal I just ate!

    • LOL Cathy, every once in a while I’ll push the cereal aside and have something sinful for breakfast, like Spaghetti. 🙂

  16. I get glassy eyed and lost in the really big liquor stores. I prefer the smaller operations, where the guy behind the counter will always notice that I have no idea what wine to buy since I have been staring at the same shelf for 15 minutes. He will then come over, pick out a bottle for me and put me out of my misery.

    As for the sammie (Ooops! I channeled Rachel Ray!) I loooove pumpernickle, and I love that sandwich season is rolling back around again, which means I can invite the spaniard over for dinner 😀

    • Karen, you need us when you get all glassy eyed. I’d have you dragging home about 20 bottles. As always thanks for stopping by

  17. Lea Ann…whatever u may call these…they are super and rock….i could have a few of these right now and still wan more….oh they are so sod elicious with the perfect combis galore….
    cheers and happy day to u….

  18. Wow! That is quite the sandwich–it looks amazing. Especially loving the manchego melted on top–it’s one of my favorite cheeses. 😉

  19. Wow – great looking sandwich! I love manchego. I bet that would rock grilled or done in a pannini press too.

    There’s liquor store that we pass on our way up north that I like: Lake Aire Bottle Shop.

    Thanks for the recipe.


    • I love your grilled idea! Thanks for stopping by Dave

  20. Great sandwich idea… I’ll be making this one for sure!

  21. My ‘local’ liquor store is called Gall n Gall. Rarely visit it…though! Love yours…..for the birth of the Spaniard

  22. Well, after three reading of this post I have finally come up for air… I think I’ll dive back in a fourth time. GREG

  23. That is a great looking sandwich. The closest liquor store to our house is the state ABC Store – no gourmet sandwiches there!

  24. The sandwich looks fantastic, and the story is even better!

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