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Whenever I go back to Kansas to visit family, you can bet I find time to visit Smith’s Market in Hutchinson, KS.

Located on historic South Main Street in Hutchinson, warm and welcoming, this market is so unique that I don’t even know where to begin. Smith’s is a contemporary version of an old country market and one can definitely spend a lot of time browsing as it is chock full of unique items from floor to ceiling, nook to cranny…and there’s cranny to nook. 

In addition to  its beautiful produce aisle, and array of specialty foods, there’s guaranteed to be a surprise around every corner. I took lots of eye candy photos, so why don’t you join me for a photographic tour of a great little store.

Speaking of candy, it’s impossible to steer clear of the candy aisle at Smith’s, so you might as well let that sweet tooth run wild and grab a bag of every one of your childhood candy memories. Take a look:

The Jelly Belly Wall

Jaw Breaker anyone?  I love the hand-painted murals that adorn the walls at Smith’s.  Look at that little girl to the left sneaking candy.

More candy.

And if that wasn”t enough…I do believe I see my favorite Cinnamon Gummy Bears there in the middle. 

A gorgeous produce section. 

Love this antique stove used for display.

Ahh-haaaa…here’s the first little nook and cranny treasure I ran across.  Sandhill Plum Jelly. The Sand Hills are located northeast of Hutchinson.  Home to more sand than many deserts, you can also find Sand Hill Plum bushes amongst the rolling dunes and along the roads. These dunes were formed by wind-deposited sand from the Arkansas River left at the end of the Ice Age. They are now stabilized by the roots of sand prairie grasses. I remember as a kid Dad would drive us over in mid summer, parking alongside the road we’d  pick baskets of Sandhill Plums for jelly. They are tart cherry-sized berries that grow on these Kansas native bushes. It’s been years since I’ve had any of this jelly.

Tiddley Winks anyone? Tucked between the sacks of candy, sitting on shelves and racks you’ll find some great novelty items and games throughout the store.

“Nothing Runs Like A Deere” and yes I bought a Sock Monkey.

A large Amish community surrounds the Hutchinson area. Wish I would have picked up this cookbook…next time.

A great selection of Jake and Amos products. Everything I’ve tried so far is yummy.

A beautiful collection of candles.

You’ll also find a large selection of snack items from specialty trail mixes to fancy mixed nuts.

More tempting cookbooks.

Lots of antiques add to the charm.

Speciality jams,  jellies and sauces are EV and I mean everywhere.

 A race car driving Sock Monkey.

I bought Wickles brand of pickled okra…LOVED it.

A bulk spice section.

Some beautiful locally made pies.

I bought several bags of their popcorn!  It’s the best.

Got a garden to plant? You’ll find everything you need; onion sets, potatoes, seeds. 

Did I mention the rows and rows of specialty pasta products. You can bet my cart was full.

Now, If I could just get them to relocate to Highlands Ranch.  🙂 

I love Smith’s Market and look forward to browsing…and browsing..and browsing.. each trip home.  Know why?  Because I know I’ll find something new, that I didn’t see before.



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  1. What a wonderful store!!! I completely enjoyed my picture visit!

  2. This place is a like a toy store for foodies! I’m in awe.

  3. Great looking store – I really like places like that

  4. Holy Jelly Belly, throw me at the candy aisle!

  5. I would leave a lot of money there. What a great store.

  6. Really a gem!

  7. Oh Wow! This market looks to good to be true!!!

  8. What fun! Every time I see a sock monkey, I want to stitch a “MOM” tattoo on his arm like the one in the commercial. And sandhill plums? I have such memories of picking tubs of those in Kansas to make jelly. My favorite was eating those tart little jewels right out of the bucket. I also saw a LOT of other things and realized I’d have a cart full of goodies, too. I love this tour – thanks for sharing!

  9. I missed the first line about Kansas so was REALLY excited about your find…but further reading and it became clear, this is not in our town. You tease!

    It’s a trip down memory lane in so many ways, thanks for sharing!

    • Yup Barb, it’s in the middle of Kansas. :-/

  10. OMG – what a fun store! I could get lost in there.

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