Tangy Flank Steak with Horseradish Cream and Wedge Salad

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About 12 years ago I jumped on the flank steak bandwagon and this was the first recipe I tried using this “new to me” cut of meat. It turned me into an instant flank steak fan.

Flank steak is so versatile and it seems to soak up every delicious flavor morsel of any marinade you toss its way. I’ve probably tried more than 20 different flank steak recipes, they’re all delicious but it seems I always fall back on this one when I browse the choices in my database.  


This recipe has such striking flavors when the tangy tender bite of steak meets the cool creamy flavor of the horseradish sauce, it’s a wonderful sensation to the palate.

For this meal, I served the steak with a Wedge Salad drizzled with a cool refreshing blue cheese dressing.  I found the dressing recipe last summer over at Noble Pig. Just like Cathy promised, it’s the best home-made blue cheese dressing I’ve found. And easy! I’m a fan of Maytag Blue Cheese, so I try never to settle for anything less. For the recipe please visit Cathy’s blog post.

The side is Lundberg’s Tuscan Risotto.  I really like their products and always have a couple of boxes in the pantry. I’ve tried a few other boxed risottos and none seem to measure up to the flavors and texture of Lundberg’s.

Here are the recipes:


Tangy Flank Steak with Horseradish Cream

The diamond scoring pattern on the steak allows more surface area for the marinade. To bring out the flavor even further don’t forget the Horseradish Cream.

1 (1-pound) lean flank steak
1/2 cup cider vinegar
1/2 cup thawed apple juice concentrate, undiluted
1 Tbs chopped fresh or 1 teaspoon dried rosemary
3 Tbs prepared horseradish
1 Tbs Worcestershire sauce
Vegetable cooking spray
Horseradish Cream

1. Trim fat from steak. Score a diamond pattern on both sides of steak. Combine steak and next 5 ingredients (steak through Worcestershire sauce) in a large heavy-duty zip-top plastic bag. Seal bag, and marinate in refrigerator 8-12 hours, turning bag occasionally. Remove steak from bag; discard marinade.

2. Prepare grill or broiler. Place steak on grill rack or broiler pan coated with cooking spray, and cook 7 minutes on each side or until steak is desired degree of doneness. Cut steak diagonally across the grain into thin slices. Serve steak with Horseradish Cream.

Servings: 4

Horseradish Cream Sauce For Dipping

1/2 cup sour cream
2 Tbs chopped green onions
1 Tbs prepared horseradish

1. Combine all ingredients in a small bowl, and stir well. Cover and chill.

Servings: 4

Flank Steak With Horseradish Cream…

It’s Whats For Dinner.

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  1. Flank Steak is my personal favorite cut. We make it all the time. I like the ingredients in your marinade.
    I buy my flank steak from http://www.snowcreek-ranch.com. They sell their beef at our local farmers markets. You have to give them at try. It is the very best. They also sell out of their daughter’s house in Centennial on Thursdays. (Thought you would maybe be interested in this info since it is local)

    • I’ve tried their products and love them. Really should patronize them more. I like the Thursday out of the home thing. Thanks for the info.

  2. I’m stiing here reading this right before lunch time and I actually felt a real hunger pang from this. Grilled beef night is coming up in a couple of days and this will be tried. I have a bleu cheese recipe I like real well so I look forward to trying this one for comparison. Great meal, great pics, great post.

    • I’ll be anxious to hear how the dressing recipe compares. I’ve only tried two blue cheese recipes and really loved this one. If you like yours better, I want it. 🙂

  3. Can you believe I’ve never had flank steak?!?!? Crazy but true. It’s been looking really good to me lately…maybe I’m craving iron or something lol. That horseradish cream – awesome.

    • Parsnips…and now flank steak? 🙂

  4. Oh that looks good! I love the flavor of flank steak and am a big horseradish fan (my folks still grow and bottle their own). I’ll have to give this recipe a try. Thanks for sharing!

    • I used to have horseradish growing in my yard at a previous house. I made it a few times. Loved it.

  5. I adore flank steak. It takes so well to all kinds of marinades, doesn’t it?

  6. I am totally with you on that one! I have never been disappointed by a flank steak and the marinade sounds so good with that apple sauce! A must try! I also like that risotto you are serving with it!

    • Thanks Joumana, as always thanks for the visit and the comment.

  7. In this area, prime rib comes with a little cup of horseradish sauce! Would work well with flank steak! Marinating and cooking quickly is how flank is done here…Tough as undercooked beef brisket if not done quickly….

  8. Absolutely gorgeous meal. Love the wedge, love the flank, love the horseradish cream, love Maytag blue cheese! An all around hit, howsacome you didn’t invite us to dinner this night? 😉

  9. That lettuce wedge is very pretty… and yes, do 6 of those posts in 6 weeks and $100… I am a whore

  10. The horseradish sauce reminds me of a dear friend, long departed. Gonna have to make this in her honor… thanks for a fun post!

  11. You know I love flank steak so this is a winner. Seriously can’t wait to try the ‘horsey’ sauce; why have I never thought to blend horseradish with sour cream! I’m with Chris…did I miss the invite? YUM!

  12. This looks delish, Lea Ann. I remember years ago coming across a flank steak recipe, braised in some kind of tomato sauce. Back then, they didn’t realize how tender it could be if you cut it on the bias. They thought you had to stew it to death.
    Horseradish sauce is super with roast beef, so it would be perfect here!

  13. I think flank steak is the best cut of beef for grilling and it absorbs the flavors of a marinade so well. Your recipe made with apple juice sounds delicious. I agree about Cathy’s salad dressing recipe…it’s great. This is one terrific dinner.

  14. YUM! Looks fantastic!! We are on a skirt steak kick right now. I’ll have to pick up a flank steak and give this a try.

  15. This looks delicious – love red meat and horseradish! The risotto side looks delicious as well. I’ll have to look for that brand.

    A side story: I have this mysterious plant in my yard that comes back every year . . . found out a few days ago it’s horseradish from an old garden spot.

  16. […] One Year Ago:  Tangy Flank Steak with Horseradish Cream […]

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