Grilled Chicken and Cantaloupe Bruschetta

September 3, 2010 at 1:32 pm | Posted in Chicken, Sandwiches | 11 Comments

Tis the Season For Bruschetta…

We’re loving all the fresh tomatoes from the garden. I know it’s so last year to talk about Julie and Julia, but one of the best things I walked away with from that movie was the simple bruschetta recipe that Julie was preparing at the beginning of the film. A slice of toasted French bread, swiped with a clove of garlic and topped with fresh chopped tomatoes and basil. I’ve been serving it alongside everything for the past week.

So, wanting to be a good steward, I decided to embellish the bruschetta idea and use up some of those waning items loafing around in the fridge.

When my science project was complete and I announced that dinner was on the table, Hubs walked into the dining room and exclaimed “What the hell is it?!” Well here’s what the heck it was!  🙂

  • A thick slice French bread toasted and smeared with Boursin cheese
  • Topped with a flattened, seasoned and grilled chicken breast which was glazed with sweet chili sauce towards the end.
  • Slices of grilled Rocky Ford Cantaloupe (about an inch thick and grilled just until grill marks appeared on one side)
  • Assembled, then popped under the broiler to melt some fresh mozzarella cheese for a oozie topping.
  • An addition of  any type of greens.  This happens to be beautiful and slightly nutty flavored mache.

This little open-faced sandwich ended up to be really good. We love Boursin cheese, so I knew I couldn’t go wrong with that. The addition of our deliciously sweet Rocky Ford Cantaloupe was a coup. And by the way, last Sunday at our Farmer’s Market I asked the grower why this was an exceptionally good year for our melons. He replied that lots of early heavy rain made for an impressive growing season here in Colorado.

I really love sweet chili sauce from the Asian isle. If you’ve never tried it, you’re missing out. It added an additional sweet kick to the sandwich not to mention a pleasantly flavored heat to spice things up a bit.  And of course that curly elegant maiche turned a “leftovers” open-faced bruschetta style sandwich into an elegant “what the hell is it” presentation.  🙂

I had planned to add some chopped tomato, but just couldn’t find room.

Grilled Chicken and Cantaloupe Bruschetta,

It’s What’s For Dinner.



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  1. I would love that bruschetta for dinner. It looks gorgeous!

  2. A bruschetta open-faced sandwich-it looks amazing! A job well done. I’m sure your husband also agreed after he had eaten it.

  3. Brilliant! You have such a knack for combining flavors that work so well together. This looks and sounds divine. As always your photo is gorgeous, too. (I especially love that little touch of turquoise in the bokeh – pretty!)

    • btw, I have never tried mache (yet) and have a feeling I will have to grow it to try it – I’m going to keep looking. 🙂

  4. Grilled canteloupe?! That. Is. So. Cool!
    Must try it! Thanks for a great post 🙂

  5. Knock knock

    Who’s there?


    Cantaloupe who?

    Can’t elope tonight, my dad hid the ladder!

    • har…har… 😉

      I wish you lived closer, I think you’d make a fun friend.. Not to mention I’d get to eat some of that good food you make. If I begged?

  6. That sandwich sounds wonderful and right up my alley; love the mache at the top and everything else in between!

  7. Dude, I have been adding sweet chili sauce to EVERYTHING lately! It’s an obsession.

    Sometimes bruschetta is all you need in life. It’s just so. Good.

  8. What the hell is it? I can only hope you answered, “It’s what’s for if you’re lucky, dinner!”


  9. What the hell is it presentation! HA! Too funny 😉 It sounds pretty stinkin’ awesome to me…and I love the simple way from Julie & Julia, too.

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