Dark Chocolate Pasta

September 8, 2010 at 1:48 am | Posted in dessert | 45 Comments
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I just had to give it a try. Dark chocolate-flavored pasta. Flanked by fresh raspberries and fresh Colorado Western Slope Peaches. All sitting on top of drizzled dark chocolate sauce.

My favorite Denver-based pasta vendor, Pappardelle’s came out with this dark chocolate flavored pasta. Sounding so interesting, I couldn’t pass up a chance for a unique dish not to mention good blogging fodder.

Starting with my favorite big white pasta bowls, I drizzled some chocolate sauce in a manner to appear artsy. I obviously need some artsy practice. By the way, I thought about making my own chocolate sauce, but opted just to purchase some good quality bottled.

Cooking the pasta according to package directions, I then plated the dish. I must say the pasta had a wonderful and almost perfect chocolate flavor. And and you can’t go wrong with chocolate and fruit, but I must admit I think it was a little too sweet for my taste. Hubs thinks it would be good sprinkled with bacon bits.  I’m all over that and might give it another try.

I’d be interested to hear what you’d do with Dark Chocolate Pasta.

Dark Chocolate Pasta,

It’s What’s For Dessert.



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  1. How about some bacon ice cream?

    Oh, it might make a great noodle kugel

    Sandi’s Luchen Kugel – Heat Oven 350°
    16 oz egg noodles cooked al dente
    1 stick Butter
    16 oz Sour Cream
    3 eggs – beaten
    Sugar to taste (start w/4 T)
    Large container fine curd cottage cheese

    Butter 8 ½” x 15” glass dish.
    Cook noodles al dente
    Mix Sour Cream, Eggs and Sugar – set aside
    Drain Noodles – put half back in pot add butter top with rest of noodles and let melt.
    Stir in the rest of the ingredients. Put in buttered glass dish.
    Bake until brown – after it bubbles. Approx 1 hour.

    • I like that sour cream and cottage cheese to cut the sweet! So that’s why they pay you the big bucks! 🙂 As always, thanks for the comment and the recipe Carol.

      • by the way Carol, I just saw a great recipe for bacon ice cream. I think it sounds absolutely fabulous.

      • I had some at this great restaurant in Portland Maine called Fore Street. They served it with pears. It was great a great combo, not sure I would like a bowl of the ice cream by itself.

  2. I would serve it with some mascarpone! Sounds so interesting.

    • I agree Steph. Would definitely cut out the “too sweet” equation.

  3. I think it might be interesting with raspberries and ice cream or whipped cream – it’s hard to know because it’s difficult to put chocolate and pasta together in my mental tastebuds. 😛 The dish you created looks pretty tasty!

    • I’m with you Vickie, my brain just wouldn’t put chocolate and pasta into the same cell. I did put whipped cream after the photo, made it worse. TOOOOOO sweet.

  4. Wow, at first I thought you made your own chocolate pasta. I should put my son on that task. My kids would love that as a fancy dessert. I don’t really know what I would do with chocolate pasta. Maybe add a spicy sauce to it, like the cayenne pepper flavored chocolate bars?

    • Love the spicy idea Kirsten! We need to get together to cook…or at least for lunch!

  5. WHAT ? Dark chocolate pasta ?

    You’re losing it. Keep going. Gawd, I love it.

    • You got that right, I’m losing it Dan. I need a Taco Truck to get me straight.

  6. Wow! I’ve never seen anything quite like this.. yummm!

    • me neither..until it ended up on my plate.

  7. I actually tried this exact pasta the other week with some adventuresome food friends and it was a disaster! We threw it away! But… to each her own 🙂 I served it topped with a creme anglaise, which was delicious by itself but could not salvage the pasta. But if you like the pasta to begin with, the creme anglaise was a tasty topping for it! Good luck!

    • I kinda threw it out after a few bites.

  8. Bacon, huh. How about chocolate pasta carbonara!

    I second the mascarpone suggestion. Maybe with some more tart fruits.

    Great find – thanks for sharing.

    • I agree Dave, something needed to cut that sweet.

  9. Wut? That is awesome. I totally agree, bacon would be good with it. Maybe even candied bacon. I bet a dessert frittata involving it would be a good time.

  10. You had me at Pappardelle’s! Hmm, wondering about adding some heat to it; a chocolate chile sort of thing. Maybe some goat cheese? It does get me to thinking.

    Where do you get your pasta. I typically frequent the booth at the Cherry Creek Farmer’s market but think they’re at Whole Foods now, right?

    • Love Love Love the heat idea and the goat cheese! Highlands Ranch Farmer’s Market. During the winter I drive down to 1st and Colorado to the store. Great selection and great staff to guide you through the flavors. Love Pappardelles.

  11. How cool! We just had our first package of Pappardelle’s last night (I picked some up in Colorado this summer). It was a lemon linguine and it was fantastic. I bet the chocolate pasta would be good with bacon and sprinkle of sea salt on top.

    • I absolutely love that lemon linguine. You have a good eye for great product. Especially with the vast selection available.

  12. I would consider your plate very artsy. Great Job!

  13. Where can I get some of this pasta in England? It looks fantastic!!

  14. Wow, that’s a beautiful plate. My first thought was to add a spoonful of unsweetened whipped cream. Many rich European chocolate desserts are garnished that way and it cuts the sweetness.

    • I agree Kathy, I tried to salvage it with sweetened Whipped Cream..yikes too sweet

  15. That looks so interesting! I think Barbara is onto something with the earthiness of the chocolate working with chiles. I admit I was thinking that it might work well with a savory dish… perhaps to put the earthy flavor of the cocoa to work with some mushrooms and duck confit?

    • Why Z Liz, I do believe I love that duck thing… you have missed your calling.

  16. warm hite chocolate ganache and fresh berries – yum!

  17. How positively divine! I’ve never seen such a thing. I was thinking alfredo sauce at first but on second thought I don’t think that would work. Love that you added even more chocolate to it!

    • I really think the “more chocolate” thing was a mistake. At least for our “salty” palates.

  18. Honestly, my first thought was “That is TOO weird.”

    But on second thought, topping it with grilled chicken and a nice mole sauce would work.

    • hmmmmm….
      Chris it was TOO weird, I’m thinking the grilled chicken and mole sauce would teach it to mind it’s manners. 🙂

  19. I LOVE pappardelle’s and have always wondered about this flavor of pasta! So it REALLY tastes like dark chocolate, huh. This is a must order. I love what you did with it!

  20. Wow I didn’t know such a thing existed. It looks like such an amazing feast for a chocoholic like myself. Yummy!

  21. wow, dark chocolate pasta, that is certainly thinking outside the box! I love your presentation, what a wonderful dessert, so original! I would love to try that pasta!

    • Thanks Chef Dennis. That pasta company actually helped me think outside that box. Thanks for stopping by and the comment.

  22. Chocolate pasta??? That’s a new one on me and I’m not certain I’m going to thank you for introducing me to it, either. Maybe I can’t find it here?? Probably no such luck.
    It looks totally divine, Lea Ann!

  23. How cool! I totally want to try some…and I love the thought of bacon with it! YUMMMMMM 🙂

  24. I purchased pasta from Pappardelle’s at a farmers market this summer. It was to die for. I wish I would have seen the chocolate. What a fun dessert.

    • I love Pappardelle’s. It’s about time to stock up for the winter! 🙂

  25. Oh, YUM! I’m all for giving this some bacon flavor. I like that the really brown color didn’t wash out when it was cooked. Even spinach pasta, by the time you get done cooking it, is a faded green. Or… maybe I’m buying cheap pasta :O

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