Feeding A Crowd: Paris Hotel, Mon Ami Gabi Restaurant Cheese And Marinara Appetizer…and a Winner

January 18, 2011 at 12:11 pm | Posted in Appetizers | 32 Comments
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First the recipe. I got this from a coworker, Beth, who dined at the bistro-style restaurant, Mon Ami Gabi, at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. She ordered this appetizer off the menu, loved it so much that she begged, pleaded and threatened the server until he gave up the recipe. And speaking of Beth and before we get to this recipe, Beth Avedis is also an extremely talented singer and artist.  Take a look at her website http://www.bethavedis.com/biography.html

I’ve served this twice now. Once on New Year’s Day over at Greg and Cauleen’s house, and the other night for our monthly gathering which we’ve named Wine Time. Both offerings turned out to be wildly popular.  This photo was taken before it was baked and staged with a couple of Carr Water Crackers. I transported this dish to Cauleen’s and baked it there, then served with crackers lining the rim of the pasta bowl.

This photo is from the second time I prepared it. It’s been baked and as you can see, I’ve added a few sprinkles of crushed red pepper and served it with sliced french bread. I don’t know what kind of crackers the restaurant used, but I have to admit, I liked the offering of French bread better than the water crackers.

Beth’s Mon Ami Gabi Cheese and Marinara Appetizer

  • 1 package herbed Boursin Cheese
  • 8 ounces cream cheese
  • 4 ounces peppered goat cheese
  • Marinara sauce

Let the cheeses come to room temperature. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a mixing bowl, mix all cheeses together and form into a ball. Slather the marinara sauce in an ovenproof shallow pasta bowl. Place the ball of cheese in the middle. Bake until bubbly.  About twenty minutes.  Serve hot with crackers or bread.

AND THE WINNER of my Sticky Brand Sauce give away is Chris over at Nibble Me This

“Well you just KNOW my choice would be the Ghost Pepper BBQ sauce, right? I can imagine how scorching hot that is, I remember watching Adam Richman sweating bullets after eating something with Jolokia Bhuta in it.”

Congratulations Chris and I’ll get those sauces into your sticky hands as soon as I have your mailing address.  Thanks to all who participated.

Beth’s Cheese And Marinara Appetizer…It’s What’s For Superbowl.



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  1. YUM! I bookmarked this to make later. It looks fantastic. Now I want to go to Vegas.

  2. Sounds fabulous! Is the marinara sauce your recipe?

    • Susan, it’s my homemade marinara sauce. I’ve had some out of a jar that would be wonderful with this.

  3. Looks beautiful, unbaked and baked…

  4. I’ve had that at a restaurant before, but the marinara was smooth – I could.not.stop.eating it!

    While I don’t think my husband would consider that football food, I may have to make this for myself! 😀

    • I agree with the smooth part. I had already planned on a “smoothing” next time I make it. Thanks for stopping by and the comment!

  5. Wow, I bet this is wonderful! And so easy.

    • I agree Karen…easy!

  6. I have five Boursin packages in my basement fridge at the moment. We like to eat it with fresh baguette. Great appetizer idea. Thanks, Lea Ann.

    • I wish I had a basement fridge. Need one! 🙂

  7. This sounds entirely too easy Lea Ann…which means it’s perfect right? I actually get a great jarred marinara from Costco making it even easier. It will be served in my home soon; promise!

    • I’d like to know the brand of marinara at Costco. I’ve had a couple from Whole Foods in the past that I thought were really good.

  8. We are off to Vegas in April so if I don’t get to make your recipe before then I know where to find it. It looks delicious.

    • Thanks Karen…look forward to Saturday. 🙂

  9. I’m pretty sure that i would be happy to just eat this for dinner. Cheese, tomatoes, a nice loaf of bread…the finer things in life.

    • Joanne I’m with you on the dinner 😉

  10. What a yummy appetizer. Congratulations to Chris!

  11. I’ve been wanting to start a monthly gathering – I love the name “Wine Time.” Now for that delicious looking appetizer! What a great idea, and so simple. If I ever get my monthly dinner club idea off the ground, you can be I’ll try this one out on a crowd.
    Congrats to Chris – he loves a good hot sauce!

    • We just started it this month. I’m already loving it. I’d also like to join or create a monthly dinner club. One of these days when I retire! 😉 Could there have been a better winner? Chris will appreciate it and use it well!

  12. Yay! I’m always looking for something that’s drinkie-friendly… this is definitely showing up at our next happy hour!

    • Ok, you’ve given me a new “saying”….Drinkie-friendly 🙂

  13. This looks fabulous! I am printing this recipe right now. What a great recipe. No doubt that this will be delicious.

    • Hope you like it Velva

  14. Now is that Super Bowl food or what?? Perfect, Lea Ann!

    • Thanks Barbara! 🙂

  15. We do something much less sophisticated down here with cream cheese and unheated, but what a great idea & would be excellent for a party.

    Congrats to Chris!!

    • Yes Mary, I’ve done a non heated version of this in the past too…minus the marinara. As always thanks for stopping by

  16. I think you could just serve it with a spoon, forget the cracker or bread, haha.
    I mean, Boursin, cream AND goat cheese? That’s a cheese trinity!

    • Yup, my friend Dan was eating it with a spoon. 😉

  17. Wow! Thanks for the plug Lea Ann! Yes, you totally nailed the recipe! The restaurant served it with toasted little baguettes spread with a little pesto. YUM! I’m so glad this recipe worked out for you! Love your blog!

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