Larry’s Home-made Smoked Salmon Spread

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I’m taking a big risk by publishing this photo. You see, my friend Vickie in Montana is as much of a dishaholic as me and as soon as she lays eyes on this little bowl with that adorable kitten peering over the side she’s going to flat-out sneak into my home and steal it. Well Vickie, be warned, we have a complex security system and two yappy little dogs that can bloody your ankles in a heartbeat. OK good…now that we’ve got that out of the way.

I’ll never purchase commercial smoked salmon spread again…ever. In the past, whenever I was feeling wealthy, I’d pick up a small tub of  Whole Foods Smoked Salmon Spread. Always a treat and an indulgence. But thanks to Larry over at Big Dude’s Eclectic Ramblings, I can have my cake and eat it too with this delicious home-made salmon spread.  It yielded twice the amount for less than half the cost. 

I served this at our Super Bowl Party and upon first bite my friend Cauleen exclaimed, “This is delicious…is it Ina’s recipe?”  I simply replied, “Actually no, it’s Larry’s“.  In a blink of an eye, and no questions asked, Larry became one of those famous chef’s that are referred to on first name basis.  Well, at least famous in our house…and on that day…and for probably 8 seconds.  Let’s take a look.

With softened cream cheese, this comes together in a jif. And everyone who tried it at our party, took the time to comment on how good it was. Although Larry smoked his own salmon for this recipe, I just picked up a package of smoked salmon at the grocery store. Can you imagine how good it would be if you took the time to smoke your own?

Larry’s Smoked Salmon Spread:

8 oz smoked salmon
8 oz softened cream cheese
8 oz sour cream
2 tbsp finely diced onion
1 tsp lemon pepper
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
4 tbsp roughly chopped capers, drained but unrinsed
1 1/2 – 2 tsp dried dill weed

Mix all together, let set over night and adjust for flavor 

I didn’t adjust much at all. Thanks to Larry for this great recipe.

Larry’s Home-made Smoked Salmon Spread…It’s What’s For A Party!



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  1. So glad you remembered the capers. That’s often overlooked.

    • I love, love, love capers! How could anyone forget them. 🙂

  2. Looks wonderful! Passing this on to my chef. As for the dish – the good news is it might prompt a visit from Vickie – and that would be fun!! It is adorable!

    • Well true Nancy, it would be nice to see Vickie. Hope the chef likes the dip.

  3. Larry’s blog is fantastic! I visit daily to see what’s going on in his kitchen. His breakfasts are the best ever. I’m having a family birthday party on Sunday and hadn’t decided on an appetizer until I saw this. Great photo, Lea Ann.

    • I agree Cathy. I look forward to his daily endulgences. Thanks for the photo compliment.

  4. Thanks for trying it and for the shout out Lea Ann. It’s nice to be famous somewhere, as I fear I’m infamous in most places. 🙂

    • You’re welcome Larry!

  5. Ahh…Larry’s.

  6. Yum! Sounds delicious! I’m going to give this a try, especially since DH won’t eat capers–I’ll get the whole batch to myself!

    • Won’t eat capers??? What’s wrong with that guy? 😉

  7. Looks great! I do a similar version and it’s gotten to the point that we can’t go to family gatherings unless we have a bowl of it with us.

    • I’d be interested to know what is different about your version. I’ve never looked at recipes or tried any other than this one.

      • First, I double the recipe because my brother-in-law can eat half of it if left alone with the bowl. Then I replace half the sour cream with mayo, use 1 tablespoon lemon juice and some fresh ground pepper instead of lemon pepper, skip the Worcestershire and dill, and add 1 teaspoon of the caper juice and a teaspoon of Chesapeake Bay seasoning. Like it said, it’s real close. Sometimes I’ll add a tablespoon of fresh horseradish too just for kick.

        Love the kitty bowl.

  8. This looks great. I too am a dishaholic. My cupboards are bursting with different patterns and shapes. Speaking of dishes, how would you like an extra $65.00 to buy some new ones because you are my giveaway winner! No kidding, chose you as my winner. E-mail me with your address and I’ll send you the code. Congratulations!

  9. I can’t believe you won yet another give away, even though you are plenty deserving. Maybe you should quit your day job 🙂

  10. I LOVE smoked salmon and trout spread… I just wish my friends did so I could take it to a party!! Woe is me!! This looks awesome, I would love to make my own someday and eat it all ourselves 🙂

    • Surely there’s a friend hiding somewhere that would love this spread! But I like your idea of eating it all yourselves. Thanks for stopping by

  11. This looks insanely good Lee Ann! I love salmon cream cheese and this looks even better. Where in the world did you get that adorable bowl – so cute!

    • Thanks Reeni. I got that bowl at Sur la Table at Christmas. They only had two, a small bowl and a matching plate. I grabbed them right up.

  12. Excellent job. You and Larry both rocked this one.

  13. Lmao…. You know me well, LA! You should probably hide his one from me next time I pay you a visit, because it’s flipping adorable! This recipe looks and sounds so darned good and how great that Larry did all the tweaking. I love bloggers.

    • Ok, I’ll hide the bowl…and the matching plate that goes with it. 🙂 I’m just looking forward to a “next time” visit. Maybe we should send all of our questionable recipes to Larry…he can be our tweakmeister.

  14. I’m so glad you featured Larry’s smoked salmon spread. He will be known world-wide now. I’ve had the privilege of meeting Larry and Bev in person at Almost Heaven South and they’re the best! Lea Ann, do you think you could fly-in for the next blogger get-together?

    I wish I could smoke my own salmon like he did. But alas, I will have to buy it too. I’ll be giving this a try real soon.

    • Sam, I most certainly would entertain the idea of coming for a blogger meetup. How fun to meet everyone in person.

  15. I’m a sucker for smoked salmon . . . I’d love to have this, right now, even though it’s just 7 a.m. here! Thanks for sharing. The capers are just right, just like the kitten!

    • Thanks Rosemary! It’s a good recipe and so easy.

  16. Oh wow. I too love smoked salmon spread and have definitely spent way too much money on it over the course of my lifetime. No more! thanks to you and Larry for the recipe!

    • Thanks Joanne! It’s so easy to make, no reason to spend the bucks.

  17. I found myself feeling very nostalgic while reading your post… years ago, Zio and I had a smoked salmon pate at our wedding reception. I’m going to make this! I know it will bring back so many happy memories for both of us.

    • Fabulous Liz! I love memory associations like that. 🙂

  18. wow this looks great I admit I am a sucker for those spreads as well, great to know how to make it from scratch have a good weekend

  19. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by RebeccaSubbiah, L.A.Brown. L.A.Brown said: Larry's Home-made Smoked Salmon Spread […]

  20. It’s been way too long since I’ve had smoked salmon, so first, I’m going to have to do something about that! Second, Larry’s spread looks wonderful!

    • Larry’s recipe is a good one Karen. Of course I’ve never made any other recipe to compare, but did love this one.

  21. Looks delicious–my friend makes a similar dip and I love it–it is amazing how good homemade smoked salmon dip is. (And BTW I would want to steal that adorable dish too!) 😉

    • Isn’t that dish adorable…I found it at Sur la Table at Christmas. Deb, I made a delicious soup last night that will be heading over to paradise for Souper Sunday.

  22. Love the kitty dish! You might have to worry about me stealing it too. I don’t worry about dogs. I always have doggie treats on hand.

    Fantastic spread. Definitely a recipe worth keeping on hand!


    • Doggie treats go over big in this house…anyway, they’d probably lick your ankles bloody. As always thanks for stopping by Kristi and the comment

  23. Is there anything better than serving something that’s easy AND delicious! BTW I love your bowl too!

    • I agree Beth. The hardest part is waiting for the cream cheese to come to room temp. 🙂 Easy and delicious

  24. I have never had salmon spread…i must change that PRONTO! Sounds soooo good! And yeah, that bowl is awesome…too cute 😉

    • Salmon spread is really good Heather, you’ve got to give it a try.

  25. Love salmon dip and must admit I’ve been using Ina’s recipe for ages. But the two recipes are different in s few respects. This looks a bit firmer than hers and she doesn’t use garlic powder or worcestershire sauce. Will definitely try Larry’s next time I make it. It’s really addictive, isn’t it?

    • Thanks Barbara, I’d like to try Ina’s too.

  26. That dish is pretty adorable…I can see why you wanted to keep it a secret 🙂 Ever since we lived in New York, my husband has been crazy about salmon spread. Too bad I didn’t think to make this for Valentine’s Day. Oh well, maybe for the next holiday.

    • As always thanks for stopping by and the comment Sara. Hope to see you soon.

  27. I know its off hand…but… I love that bowl!! Sooo.. cute!

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