Lamb Kabobs with Arugula and Creamy Lemon Vinaigrette

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I’m sure hoping you’ll sit up and take notice and give this one a try very soon.  And preferably on a work week evening for a quick easy meal that just happens to end up on your plate as restaurant-quality delicious.   Now that’s a treat that deserves a standing ovation.

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Crispy Baked Shrimp With Lemony Mayonnaise

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Except for my Mother’s hallowed fried chicken recipe, I’m pretty much convinced that panko bread crumbs are the perfect breading for almost anything.  The end result of a light and crispy/crunchy coating just seems like such a no fail solution to frying and even baking. 

And except for my Mother’s hallowed fried chicken recipe which is accompanied by buttery mashed potatoes and creamy white chicken gravy, I’m thinking  peppery arugula may be the best little platform for about any type of meat.  I’ve been using it alot lately and feeling so springy about the whole thing.

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No Recipe Required: Pasta with Short Ribs and Capers

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  • Slow cook short ribs in your favorite jarred marinara sauce until fall off the bone tender.
  • Remove ribs from sauce, remove meat from bone and shred. Skim fat from sauce.
  • Toss sauce, shredded beef, halved cherry tomatoes and capers with cooked bucatini pasta.
  • Top with coarse grated Parmesan cheese.

Pasta with Short Ribs and Capers…It’s What’s for Dinner.

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Sherried Mushrooms with Fried Eggs on Toast

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My Sunday mornings are reserved for spending time in the kitchen to serve up a tasty breakfast. An over easy egg is more than likely to make an appearance. 

I found this recipe over at Food and Wine and it’s been bookmarked for quite  sometime as a “must try”.   The dish starts off with a slice of chewy rustic Italian bread. It’s topped with a mixture of mushrooms and onions, which have been caramelized in olive oil and sherry. That is then topped with a fried egg. 

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No Recipe Required: Chicken Cutlets

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  • Salt/pepper and saute two chicken cutlets until browned and cooked through.
  • Meanwhile, in a bowl mix together fresh baby greens and any herbs you have available such as mint, chives, tarragon or basil.
  • Drizzle greens with Dijon vinaigrette, or your favorite bottled dressing and toss well.
  • Place cooked cutlets on a serving plate and drizzle with a little of the vinaigrette
  • Top with baby greens and herb mixture

Chicken Cutlets Topped with Baby Greens and Vinaigrette…It’s What’s for Dinner.

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The Great Food Truck Race Rolls Into Denver

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The Lime Truck preparing Sriracha Lime Remoulade

On Saturday, Kirsten from My Kitchen In The Rockies, Karen from Eat Drink and Wash Up and yours truly headed into the city to chase after a battalion of Food Trucks that rolled into Denver for a leg of prime time Food Network’s series, The Great Food Truck Race

The Great Food Truck Race is a Food Network series where seven teams representing some of the country’s best food trucks hit the road to cook their way across America. Each week the teams that sell the most food race on to the next episode. The losing team drives home. In the end one food truck will remain and the team behind the wheel and the grill of that truck will win the grand prize.

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No Recipe Required: Apple and Brie Sandwiches

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  • Lay two slices of rustic Italian bread on a sheet pan. 
  • Broil one side until toasted.
  • Remove from oven and spread untoasted side with Dijon mustard.
  • Top with arugula, thin sliced gala apples and two slices of thin sliced Brie cheese
  • Pop it back under the broiler until cheese is melted.

Adapted from Fine Cooking

Apple and Brie Sandwiches…It’s What’s for a Quick Dinner.

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