Ham, Avocado and Egg Bake

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As you know, Sunday mornings around our house are reserved for a big hearty breakfast, which 99.99999% of the time involves a sunny-side up egg.  Here’s the latest and here’s what I did.

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Crab Cakes Benedict With Spicy Hollandaise Sauce

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There are so many things to talk about with this post.  A new method (for me) to make Hollandaise Sauce in a blender, a great new flavor for the Hollandaise Sauce, and a double-yolked egg when I went to make the Hollandaise Sauce. 

I guess there’s really only one thing to talk about…The Hollandaise Sauce.

When making the sauce, I cracked open an egg and found a two yolks?  Timeliness is critical when making Hollandaise, so no photo of the twins. Have you ever seen a two-yolked egg?

This recipe comes courtesy of my favorite local specialty store Tony’s Market.  I subscribe to Tony’s Culinary Club, receive emails for mid-week specials, weekend specials and recipes courtesy Chef Mick.  Throw in all the wonderful products available in their stores and it’s a culinary extravaganza.  This recipe came through on an email and I couldn’t wait to give it a try.  Let’s take a look.

The crab cakes were a cinch to make.  I simply purchased them premade at Tony’s takeout dinner section and sautéed them until golden brown.

Photo from bonappetit.com

The new edition of Bon Appetit magazine featured a  five-minute method for making Hollandaise Sauce in a blender. I really thought this sounded like a simplified solution to the otherwise  finicky stove top production. Worked like a charm.

  • 1 1/2 C. (2 1/2 sticks) unsalted butter, cubed  (I couldn’t bring myself to use this much butter, I reduced to 1 1/2 sticks and then added two tablespoons of very hot water to make up for the loss of butter)
  • 2 T. fresh lemon juice
  • Salt and Pepper

From here I incorporated seasonings  for Chef Mick’s spicy version.  Not exactly what the recipe called for, but I used what I had on hand.

  • A pinch of cayenne pepper
  • A pinch of Aleppo Pepper
  • A pinch of Ancho chile powder or Chipotle chile powder for some smokiness

Fill a blender with very hot water, set aside.

Melt butter in a small saucepan over medium heat until foaming. Remove pan from heat. Drain blender and dry well. Put egg yolks and 2 T. lemon juice in blender; cover and blend to combine . Working quickly and with blender running, remove lid insert and slowly pour hot butter into blender in a thin stream of droplets, discarding the milk solids in the bottom of the saucepan. Blend until creamy sauce forms. Season to taste with salt, pepper and more lemon juice, if needed.  Serve immediately.

To build the Benedict: toasted English muffins, sautéed crab cakes, a poached egg and all drizzled with spicy Hollandaise sauce. 

The Verdict:  DEElicious.  What a wonderful combination of flavors.  The blender Hollandaise turned out to be perfectly luscious and creamy in texture and really did look just like Bon Appetit’s photo.  Making the Hollandaise sauce a bit spicy was such a nice compliment to the crab cakes and with the creamy yolk from the poached egg…MUUUUWAAAA.  An exquisite combination of flavors.

Crab Cakes Benedict With Spicy Hollandaise Sauce…It’s What’s For Sunday Brunch.

One Year Ago: Crispy Tilapia Tacos

Bacon and Egg Open-Faced Style Sandwich

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After my last post and days of combining fresh tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and basil piled on top toasted bread, hubs has put his foot down regarding the usage of the “B-word” around here which describes that dish. 

I’m not to use it anymore, say’s he’s heard it far too many times.  B this, B that, “look at this beautiful “B-style” sandwich, “we’re having a side of “B” tonight”, “Isn’t this “b” delicious”, “look how pretty and fresh the “b” looks”…I’ve even been banned from watching Giada because she says it all the time. Too funny. Now don’t get me wrong, he’ll eat it till the cows come home, he’s just annoyed with that word.

So with all that said I’d like to show you another (but not last) open-faced style sandwich which has been placed on a slab of toasted french bread.  🙂

Kathy over at Wives With Knives posted this sandwich a couple of weeks ago and I nearly dropped to my knees when I looked at her delicious photo. Plus, never would I have thought to finish this with a vinaigrette and parmesan. It was awesome. I like her idea of the frizzled style greens and will use those next time I make it, but I needed to use to my carton of mache for now. 

Even though the presentation wasn’t as dramatic and impressive with the mache, it was a delicious little meal. Not to mention that I really got my money’s worth out of that loaf of bread over the last few days.

Kathy has a wonderful blog.  The number of recipes I’ve bookmarked from her site is ridiculous. And with all of that fresh Oregon and Willamette Valley produce and products, I look forward to each and every one of her posts.

Head on over to Kathy’s blog to see a really great photo of this sandwich!  And don’t hesitate to give this “B-style” sandwich a try.

Now for a little fun. This photo showed up on my computer along side the bacon and egg  “B” when I downloaded off my camera. It took me days to figure out what it was. Take a guess. I’ll give you a hint, it’s a kitchen essential that I use every single day. I must have accidentally taken the photo when I was sitting the camera down.

Egg, Lettuce and Bacon “B”…

It’s What’s For Dinner.

Breakfast Hot Dogs

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A few months ago I watched Ina Garten grill up a Sunday breakfast feast and promptly bookmarked her sausage breakfast hotdogs. Served up with some country fried potatoes on a beautiful sunny Memorial Day morning was a perfect holiday treat.

I started out by thinly slicing some potatoes for some good old-fashioned fried potatoes just like my mom used to do. I fried them in a combination of olive oil and bacon fat and with a dusting of salt and pepper and they needed nothing else. Crispy brown on the outside, tender on the inside. Mmm..waaa!

Meanwhile out on the grill were the sizzling spinach and feta flavored chicken sausages waiting to be drizzled with the star of this meal…Ina’s Mustard and Mayo sauce . It’s a luxurious white creamy mayo, sour cream mixture with a hint of tangy mustard. This sauce would make a shoe taste good.

Before I share the recipe, let’s talk about sour cream. A couple of months ago when posting a recipe that included sour cream, I received an email from Cathy over at Noble Pig saying  “all sour creams are  not created equal”.  Hmm…never really thought about it. She continued that she always buys the high quality Tillamook brand. Not having Tillamook available (darn it), I did indeed study sour creams the next time I was at the market. I bought Wallaby brand and the difference between it and the run of  the mill product from Safeway was  like night and day…and only for about a dollar more. It had a consistency comparable to Greek Yogurt and a  creamy richer flavor.  

Ok, back to the breakfast, here’s Ina’s recipe.

Ina’s Grilled Chicken Sausage with Mustard Mayo:

Good Quality Chicken Sausages, served on buns like a hot dog and topped with mustard mayo.

1 1/2 cups good mayonnaise
3 Tbs Dijon mustard
1 1/2 Tbs whole-grain mustard
1/3 cup sour cream
1/4 tsp kosher salt

1. Whisk the mayonnaise, mustards, sour cream and salt together in a small bowl. Serve at room temperature.

Ok, I’m serving it up, do you want your poached egg on your potatoes?

Or on your hot dog?

Ina’s Chicken Sausage Hot Dogs

They’re What’s For Breakfast.

No More Training Wheels

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Remember your first bicycle? I think it must have been about 3rd grade when I received my beautiful purple Schwinn. I remember how uneasy I felt the first time my dad let go of the handle bars while running along side of me, for my first solo trip without the training wheels. I remember my mom watching nervously and wringing her hands. Of course I promptly fell in the dirt, and with the help of Band-Aids and determination eventually became a bicycle riding fool adding flashy purple tassels on the handle grips and clothes-pinning baseball cards in the spokes to make a lot of racket when I went real fast.

So what does this have to do with food? 

Dinner last night was supposed to be skewered grilled shrimp and tilapia finished with some jalapeno butter for dipping, but at 6:30 when I decided I was starving and had better start dinner the recipe instructed that I marinade the seafood for at least an hour. Don’t you hate when that happens?

Plan B:  Dig around in the refrigerator, fry up some corn tortillas, top with some warmed up green chili and nestle a poached egg in on top. 

I had just started my 2nd glass of wine and feeling a false sense of security, threw caution to the wind and decided to ditch the egg poaching pods.

That’s right, no more training wheels.  I boiled some water, added some vinegar, got the water swirling like a tornado and slid in the raw egg. It worked like a charm and I didn’t even fall in the dirt. No Band-Aids were necessary. 

Bye Bye green silicone egg poaching pod training wheels. Bye Bye odd-shaped poached eggs…forever!

Don’t they even kind of look like training wheels?

As you can imagine, I’m completely tickled with myself. So tickled that I have to post way too many unnecessary photos.

So with all that said, Happy Mother’s day to all. I feel a perfect celebratory weekend has already begun. The wine we opened last night was a delicious Joseph Swan Russian River Valley Pinot…yum! After my poached egg victory we watched The Blind Side. What a great movie to kick off Mother’s Day. LOVED it.

 We’re brunching out this morning with the kids. Tonight I’ll start the marinade early enough to have my grilled shrimp and tilapia skewers.  It couldn’t have worked out better since yesterday was chilly and predicted temperatures at grilling time this evening will be in the 70’s

For fun, in the comment section, why don’t you share a  bicycle “incident” memory.  Whether it be a proud decoration, or a stunt that brought mom running with Band-aids and kisses.

Salute to Moms everywhere, and may your poached eggs be perfectly swirled and runny.

Breakfast Tacos

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I am taco-crazy and need to warn you that there are more taco posts on the way…

Everywhere I turn, magazines, blogs, newspapers…I’m seeing beautiful soft corn tortillas oozing with scrumptious inventive fillings. I suppose Cinco-de-Mayo is to blame. I’m dizzy and loving every minute of it. Here’s my latest creation,  taco truck inspired, I changed it up a bit and also added sunny side up eggs.

Pretty straight forward, no quirky ingredients this time, just some potatoes and chorizo that meld into a delicious flavor sensation when wrapped inside a steamy white corn tortilla. 

Here’s what I did. 

I boiled about three of those delicious and creamy Yukon Gold Red Skinned Potatoes for about 30 minutes until tender. I melted some butter in an omelet sized skillet and without peeling, roughly smashed the potatoes in the pan. This formed the smashed potatoes into somewhat of a pancake shape…

I topped them with some fully cooked chorizo sausage. Simmering on medium, and as soon as the potatoes where golden brown on the bottom, I flipped the mixture to brown on the other side.

Dividing into 4ths, I patted the potato/chorizo pancake into double-layered steamed white corn tortillas. Add a sunny side up egg on top, a sprinkle of cilantro, chopped tomato and a couple of rings of sweet onion and you’ve got yourself a breakfast taco.  Don’t forget to pass a bowl of your favorite salsa for drizzling.

I didn’t have the nerve to pick these up and eat them with my hands. I suppose it could have been done, but I played it safe with a  fork and knife.

The only thing I’d do different next time?  How about a squeeze of fresh lime.


It’s What’s For Breakfast.

Southwest Chicken Fried Steak With Green Chili and Egg

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Hang on to your hatsfasten your seatbelts (but then loosen them a bit)…stop the presses  

Why all the idioms?  Because I found a great recipe from a local Denver Chef and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.   

I am very fortunate to have a speciality meat and food market just a few miles from home called Tony’s Market. I remember shopping at Tony’s when it was nothing but a butcher shop. Over the years, Tony’s has evolved into a wonderful upscale market offering speciality foods, a fabulous deli, carry-out items to reheat and make dinner a breeze, and of course an extensive and impressive meat and seafood counter. It’s a beautiful store, wildly popular and I’m a regular customer.   

Tony’s son, Chef Mick (Michaelangelo) Rosacci is a local celebrity offering cooking segments on our Channel 7, and now has a blog that I follow called Supper Is Ready. This recipe came across recently and I couldn’t get to the store quick enough to buy cube steaks. You’ll find Chef Mick’s recipe below.  

Here's my plate. Did Chef Mick say to add Mexican Cheese and Cilantro? No. Did I add Mexican Cheese and Cilantro? Yes.

I can’t describe how delicious this is. You’ll have to try it for yourself. I especially appreciate the recipe for the Green Chili Gravy. Oh my.  And I can see using it in many other creations. So take a look at Tony’s Web Site HERE, visit Mick’s blog HERE, and don’t let the lengthy list of ingredients keep you from making this recipe. Just a couple of times reading the instructions and getting organized found this on the table in around 30 minutes.   

omg look at that egg

Chicken Fried Steak with Green Chili and Egg  

2/3 cup masa harina
1/3 cup flour
3/4 tsp ground cumin
3/4 tsp dried oregano
3/4 tsp granulate garlic or garlic powder
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp Kosher or fine sea salt, plus more for finishing as desired
pinches of chile powder or ground chiles (optional)
6 extra-large eggs, separated
2 TBS butter (optional)
2-3 TBS canola or peanut oil
4 thin beef or pork cube steaks, about 6 oz each and 1/4 inch thick
1-2 pints Tony’s Green Chili (warmed) or Green Chile Gravy (recipe link follows)  

Place four plates in oven and preheat to 150 degrees.  

Combine the masa harina, flour, cumin, oregano, garlic powder, pepper, salt and chiles (if using) in a wide shallow bowl. Lightly beat 2 of the eggs in another wide shallow bowl.   

Dredge cube steaks in flour mixture and shake off excess, dip in beaten egg and then coat evenly in the flour mixture.  

Heat a large, heavy frying pan over medium high heat (about 340-360°) melt the butter with the oil (or use all oil). Add breaded cube steaks to pan two at a time. Brown first side well, turn and repeat until browned and cooked through – about 3-4 minutes per side depending on conditions and thickness. Transfer to a shallow pan with a rack or lined with paper towel. Sprinkle lightly with salt (optional) and hold in oven until ready to serve.  

Meanwhile heat chili and cook eggs sunny side up or over easy. Spoon green chile onto warmed plates, top with chicken fried steak and crown with a soft cooked egg (optional). Serve immediately for breakfast with potatoes and fruit or for supper with Mexican rice and guacamole salad – flour or corn tortillas on the side. Serves 4.


Green Chile Gravy  

Fast, easy and perfect for smothering dishes.  

1 TBS each butter and oil
2 TBS. All purpose flour, or masa
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 to 1 small onion, minced
8-12 roasted chiles, peeled, seeded and chopped
2 cups rich chicken stock (More Than Gourmet’s Glace de Poulet suggested)
cumin and oregano to taste
pinches of sea salt, black pepper
pinches of sugar to taste (optional)
other: tomato cubes, corn kernels, minced squash, bell peppers, beans, leftover potato cubes.  

In a skillet over medium-high heat stir together flour and oil to produce a golden roux. Stir in chiles, stock and remaining ingredients and simmer to soften ingredients and thicken, about 15 minutes, taste and adjust – adding more stock or seasonings to taste.  

Use as a smothering sauce over chicken fried steak, grilled meats, burritos, etc.  

Chef Mick Rosacci, Tony’s Market  

Chefs Note: 1) Great with veggies; such as corn, summer squash, beans, bell peppers, etc. 2) For a more textured gravy; reserve items such as corn and tomatoes until the end of cooking. 3) Stocks can be very salty, so be careful adding salt. I suggest More Than Gourmet stocks – natural, concentrated, and low sodium. 4) Pinches of sugar can help control excessive heat.

About the author:  Chef Mick (Michaelangelo) Rosacci is the Corporate Chef and co-owner of Tony’s Markets in the Denver Metro area.  Mick also teaches cooking on Denver’s Channel 7 News.  For more recipes, visit www.TonysMarket.com and/or join Tony’s Culinary Club.

Egg And Curry Salad Sandwiches

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This is how I used those left over hard-boiled pink and green Easter Eggs. 

Let me start off my telling you,  I’m a HUGE curry fan.  Love those gravy-style Thai and Indian inspired dishes. 

Curry is a general term to describe a variety of spice blends and more likely a gravy type dish.   We are most familiar with the blend of turmeric, coriander, cumin and fenugreek that we find in a jar on our American grocery store shelves. But there is a such a wide variety of curry styles, blends and flavors available to us from so many cultures.  It seems each culture has adopted spices to suit its own unique tastes. 

As we speak, in my pantry you’ll find Yellow, Massaman and Green curries.  I can’t wait to put on my white mad scientist coat, get out those lab tubes and bubble away new experimental brews,  but for now I just used the regular ground curry from Whole Foods to put a little twist on our mayonnaise based traditional egg salad.

 This made a great little dinner served with a tossed salad.

Lea Ann’s Curried Egg Salad Sandwiches

1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/2 tsp honey
1/2 tsp curry powder
1 dash ginger
6 hard-boiled eggs, peeled and coarsley chopped
3 whole green onions sliced and diced
8 slices of your favorite bread
2 T. celery, finely chopped
1/4 tsp dijon mustard

Salt and pepper to taste

In a bowl combine mayo, honey, curry and ginger and blend well.  Stir in eggs and green onions.  Season with salt and pepper.  Spread egg salad onto bread slices and top with lettuce if you wish.   I top with a slice of tomato when I have fresh from the garden.

Makes 4 sandwiches

Curried Egg Salad Sandwiches

It’s What’s For Lunch or Dinner

Hurrah For Bloggers!

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One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to actually cook some of those recipes I’ve bookmarked from your blogs. I promised myself that I would incorporate your offerings  into my weekly menu and so far I’ve not fallen off the wagon and pretty much stayed the course.

Here’s the latest:

First up is a delicious recipe I found over at Nod and Wink. Slow Scrambled Eggs With Rosemary and Capers.  I have to admit, I was a little leery of the flavor combination of rosemary and capers in eggs, but I have to tell you this was delicious.  Loved it. You can find the recipe by clicking HERE. I did exactly what George said not to do; I overcooked the eggs a bit. I rushed it at the end by putting a lid on the pan for the final 30 seconds and left the lid on about 30 seconds too long. 🙂 Even though the texture wasn’t perfect the flavor sure was. I served this on top of English Muffins.  This recipe is now in my permanent database. Thank you so much George  for posting this on Nod and Wink and my apologies for that photo that doesn’t do your wonderful recipe justice.

I served these eggs with Potatoes O’Brien (also in the photo above). I found this recipe over at  Cooking Tip Of  The Day. I have been known to buy Oreida Potatoes O’Brien every once in a while and I have no idea why I’ve never made them myself. I didn’t have any green pepper, so used a yellow bell pepper. And of course these are delicious. To view her original post click HERE.  Thanks to Linda for this good solid recipe.

And last, but not least, look at this beautiful salad. I found this idea over at Mango and Tomato. Thanks to Olga I was reminded to use up the last of those Hearts of Palm I had in the fridge. This was a delicious and very healthy mid-week lunch for me. I did add a splash of Seasoned Rice Vinegar to the olive oil dressing. You can view the original post and a much prettier photo by clicking HERE. Thanks Olga!

So thank you my friends for these wonderful recipes. They’ve all gone from “bookmarked” to a permanent record in my recipe database.

Hurrah for bloggers!

Crabby Uncle Louie

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I have a terrible obsession with the Benedict family, but if you’re a regular reader you already know that.  

Before I introduce you to Uncle Louie, I need to come clean about something.  I fake it when it comes to Hollandaise Sauce. I’m not afraid of using butter, but a stick and a half in the morning just doesn’t sound good. So here’s what I do: 

My (fake) Hollandaise Sauce 

  • 2 egg yolks, beaten
  • 1/2 lemon, squeezed
  • 1/8 cup 2% milk
  • 2 T. butter
  • dash of cayenne pepper

Heat a non-stick sauce pan over medium heat. Add two slightly beaten egg yolks and heat until almost hot. Watch carefully as you don’t want them to scramble. Add the milk and stir.  Melt in the butter and  squeeze in the lemon juice and keep warm until ready to use. In my humble opinion this turns out to be a creamy lemony lighter version and one I prefer for my Benedict breakfasts. 

OK, so back to the Benedict family. Remember the Spanish-speaking neighbor Chipolte Eggs Benedict? And his rich Aunt Mushroom Cream Sauce Benedict? Well I dreamed up Louie through a photo I saw of a steak topped with crab, asparagus and sauce. So without further ado, please welcome Crabby Uncle Louie into the family. 


Louie Benedict 


On toasted English muffins crisscross tender ends of steamed asparagus and top with some steamed and crumbled crab meat (I just steamed one leg for the two of us). 

Disclaimer: I don't eat my eggs this raw, these are only about half done and on their way to perfectly poached

Top with your perfectly pod-poached eggs 


Drizzle with Hollandaise Sauce, serve with some fresh fruit. Wearing your old slip-on style Uncle Louie slippers, fetch the newspaper, grab a cup of coffee  and you’ve got a beautiful Sunday morning breakfast.

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