I Heart Tony’s

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As you know, I’ve self-banned myself from any markets, gourmet food or specialty stores, and farmer’s markets until I use up some of the stockpile in my pantry and on my refrigerator door.

That lasted exactly 4 days,  16 hours and 12 minutes. 

My favorite Specialty Food and Meat Market, Tony’s  had a “Local” event yesterday, featuring Colorado gourmet food vendors. A silly “self banning rule”, wild horses and temperatures above 100 degrees couldn’t keep me away. 

We are so fortunate to have a store like Tony’s in Denver. Locally owned and operated, Tony Rosacci and his family owned business support local farmers, merchants and gourmet food vendors. I like that…a lot. I’ve been going to Tony’s so long, I can remember when it was nothing but a meat counter that offered unparalleled customer service and a superior product. 

Today, the best butcher shop in town has grown to become a wonderful gourmet store with several locations, offering an extraordinary array of beautiful specialty products…and that customer service is still unparalleled. I’m lucky to live just a few miles from the original market. I Heart Tony’s.

Stick around and take a tour with me.

Don’t feel like cooking tonight? Step up, take a number and get in line for Tony’s wonderful “Tony’s To Go”  pre-made dinners. Always a tasty and beautiful selection. My favorite is the long-time available twice baked potatoes.  Yum.

Fabulous seafood department.

Connected to the finest meat department in the city.

A great selection of frozen products.

Now do you see why my refrigerator door looks like it does?

Look at those baskets of impressive dried pastas that line the meat cases.

How on earth are you supposed to decide which cookie you want?

A beautiful produce section.

A mountain of Chocolate anyone?  And look at all those packages of meringue cookies.

Love, love, love their selection of fine cheese.

Always a clamor at the deli. Man, do they make up some great sandwiches and offer some high quality deli meat.

Yes, you can pick up staples like eggs and milk.

…omg, look at the beautiful dessert selection….sigh.

Just a shot of the store so you can somewhat feel that browsing ambiance.

Is that my car back there that’s getting ready to burst into flames?  Did I mention it was over 100 degrees out?  I had to chuckle, to get this photo I was standing next to a blazing hot grill, on the blazing hot cement in the blazing hot sun….at least I wasn’t dressed in black like this guy was, blazing up ribs all afternoon.

Tony’s Catering was out front grilling/smoking up some delicious ribs…

So I picked some up at the meat counter. All I had to do is reheat when I got home and man were they GOOD. Love the rub they used and I just slathered on some more of Tony’s BBQ sauce.  Delicious ribs. 

This is one of the local vendors featured at the event.  Meet Kim of  Kim’s Gourmet Sauces. Offering a two for one, I bought her spicy peanut sauce and a bottle of spicy teriyaki. They were serving up samples of these sauces on fried dumplings. What a delicious treat. Can’t wait to make them at home.

The cute couple representing their Sticky Brand Sauces. Again, look at all of those samples. It was hard to decide, but  with the two for one price tag I bought their Tangy Wing and Mild BBQ Sauce.


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